Cory Deppen corydeppen Acworth, GA

corydeppen/Producteev-Chrome 4

Google Chrome extension for Producteev

corydeppen/compass-html5-boilerplate 2

Compass version of the Html5 Boilerplate project by Paul Irish

corydeppen/less.js-windows 2

A way to run the LESS.js compiler in windows

corydeppen/rails3-mongoid-devise 2

An example Rails 3.2 app with Mongoid for data, Devise for authentication. With a tutorial.

corydeppen/refinerycms-blog 2

The very best blogging engine for Refinery CMS

corydeppen/restful-routing 2

A rails inspired restful routing api for asp .net mvc

corydeppen/ScrumTime 2

An open source Scrum Project Management Tool

corydeppen/after.js 0

Next.js-like framework for server-rendered React apps built with React Router 4

corydeppen/consolidate.js 0

Template engine consolidation library for node.js

corydeppen/DefinitelyTyped 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

issue commentmicrosoft/vscode

Keyboard shortcuts on tab context menu are not right-aligned

A limitation of the macOS menus that cannot display chords.

@bpasero Curious why some are displayed as expected and others are not.


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issue openedmicrosoft/vscode

Keyboard shortcuts on tab context menu are not right-aligned

Issue Type: <b>Bug</b>

  • Right-click a tab in the editor window
  • Observe not all keyboard shortcuts are right-aligned

VS Code version: Code 1.47.3 (91899dcef7b8110878ea59626991a18c8a6a1b3e, 2020-07-23T13:08:29.692Z) OS version: Darwin x64 19.6.0

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 11 28 19 AM

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