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A collection of angular generators for enterprise applications.

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An enterprise level angular template that implements best practices and state management for application scale.

cambronjay/gitit 1

A sample project built with Ionic 2 which consumes the GitHub API via search.

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Coordinate formatting, location calculation utilities, and NMEA sentence parser.

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An Angular 6 and Angular Material application that generates calendars.

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Firebase SDK wrapped with capacitor.

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A front-end and back-end code challenge using ionic, angular, javascript, typescript, and node.js

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HTTP server cookie parsing and serialization

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A Cordova plugin that wraps the Firebase SDK with an easy to use api.

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Advanced HTML5 mobile development framework and SDK. Build incredible mobile apps with web technologies you already know and love. Best friends with AngularJS.


issue commentautoNumeric/autoNumeric

Trailing comma, spacing, and incorrect parentheses causes build issues in an application

Essentially wherever settings.decimalPlacesRawValue or currentSettings.originalDecimalPlacesRawValue is used with Math.max there is a trailing comma and there is an issue with missing parentheses to make the order of operations more clear.


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issue commentautoNumeric/autoNumeric

Trailing comma causes build issues in an application

Also there appears to be a bad spacing in the same code block. It should be this without space: settings.decimalPlacesRawValue = Math.max(Math.max(settings.decimalPlacesShownOnBlur, settings.decimalPlacesShownOnFocus) + additionalDecimalPlacesRawValue, Number(settings.originalDecimalPlacesRawValue) + additionalDecimalPlacesRawValue);


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issue openedautoNumeric/autoNumeric

Trailing comma causes build issues in an application

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Current behavior

<Please describe here what faulty behavior you are experiencing> Trailing comma causes build issues

Expected behavior

No Trailing comma should exist in math.max

Steps to reproduce the problem

This code block in the AutoNumeric.js file has a trailing comma after the last additionalDecimalPlacesRawValue variable as bolded below settings.decimalPlacesRawValue = Math.max(Math.max(settings.decimalPlacesShownOnBlur, settings.decimalPlacesShownOnFocus) +additionalDecimalPlacesRawValue, Number(settings.originalDecimalPlacesRawValue) + additionalDecimalPlacesRawValue, );

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