bitomule/CombineExtensions 13

Extensions adding the Combine missing parts

bitomule/CombineRealm 10

Combine extension for RealmSwift's types

bitomule/CombineDisposeBag 3

Add DisposeBag to Swift Combine

bitomule/BTNavigationExtendedPanel 2

Custom UIViewController displayed under navigation bar.

bitomule/EasyConstraints 1

Suit of custom swift operators to create NSLayoutConstraints.

bitomule/GameSaveSystem 1

My custom Game Save System for Unity. Not perfect, but I want to share it with community.

bitomule/NiceActionSheet 1

Custom UIViewController displayed as action sheet with better style.

bitomule/attila 0

Ghost Theme

bitomule/automatic-app-landing-page 0

A Jekyll theme for automatically generating and deploying landing page sites for mobile apps.

bitomule/bitstarter 0

Learning NodeJS

issue commentdannyhertz/rxswift-composable-architecture

Reentrancy anomaly was detected executing tests

Cool! After some checking I knew the issue was there but didn't have a solution. Thanks for fixing it and for sharing it 💯


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Fix version typo

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issue openeddannyhertz/rxswift-composable-architecture

Reentrancy anomaly was detected executing tests

I was checking your project learning as we're doing our own RxSwift composable based architecture and saw a warning from RxSwift just running tests:

"Reentrancy anomaly was detected"

Is this expected?

I've been trying to find the issue and seems related to cancelling Effects. Just by running a test containing cancelling methods RxSwift warning will appear.

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David Collado

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