Aaron Turon aturon Fastly Portland, OR, USA Engineering Manager for the WebAssembly team at Fastly

aturon/ChemistrySet 46

A library for composable fine-grained concurrency.

aturon/ 16

turon's web site

aturon/Caper 9

Caper: concurrent and parallel extensions to Racket

aturon/async-benches 8

Benchmarks for async IO

aturon/ChemistrySetBench 1

Benchmarks for the Scala Chemistry Set

aturon/dotfiles 1

unixy config files

aturon/futures-rfcs 1

RFCs for changes to the `futures` crate

aturon/ba-rfcs 0

RFC process for Bytecode Alliance projects

aturon/ 0

the home of the new rust website - now in beta!

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Aaron Turon

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Aaron Turon

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Post: To heal, first feel your wounds

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pull request commentbytecodealliance/rfcs

RFC process proposal

Thanks @tschneidereit! I've addressed your review comments with a new commit.


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Aaron Turon

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Revisions to stakeholder concept

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