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antiquechrono/ff7-coaster 0

Decompiled code from the FF7 minigame "Jet Coaster" (and it builds with Visual Studio 2008)

antiquechrono/FF7-Disassembly 0

IDA-Sync file for FF7.exe

antiquechrono/ff7-worldmap 0

FF7 world map engine (decompiled)

antiquechrono/IDA-Tools 0

The IDA sync plugin

antiquechrono/q-gears-reversing-data 0

Dump of info for reversing various FF games required to implement QGears

issue commentakka/akka-samples

akka-sample-sharding-java crash on start

Not as simple as I thought, I noticed I was getting this in the log No downing-provider-class configured, manual cluster downing required

It turns out undoing my change and upgrading the project to Akka 2.6.15 fixes the issue completely.


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issue openedakka/akka-samples

akka-sample-sharding-java crash on start

Versions used

Just cloned the repo as normal

Akka version: 2.6.1

The killrweather server crashes on start complaining that it can't find the split brain resolver class. you need to change the app config from downing-provider-class = "akka.cluster.sbr.SplitBrainResolverProvider" to akka.cluster.downing-provider-class = "akka.cluster.sbr.SplitBrainResolverProvider" and it will work fine.

I imagine all the other projects that rely on this property need to be updated as well.

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