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issue openedhasura/graphql-engine

Permission conditions based on session variables

We're using hasura as a backend engine for an application with some kind of role based access control. We can't have a fixed set of roles, and each merchant can define their own set of roles with access restrictions based on their business structure. This requires us to have permission checks like this in most of our tables:

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 11 52 49

This makes both of our permission conditions, and generated SQL more complex, which in turn affects performance negatively.

It would be great if we could add conditions based on our auth values. For example, let's say our auth endpoint returns:

  x-hasura-merchant-id: 12,
  x-hasura-user-id: 5,
  x-hasura-location-ids: [56, 72],
  x-hasura-is-owner: true,
  x-hasura-access-list: [access_menu, access_stats]

We'd like to be able to add conditions like

  _session_var_check: {
    variable: "x-hasura-is-owner",
    value: {
      _eq: true


  _session_var_check: {
    variable: "x-hasura-access-list",
    value: {
      _contains: "access_stats"

Then hasura engine would check session variables first, and if they pass build simpler SQL queries.

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