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"unexpected variables in variableValues" on every relation query hot 2
If a role isn't in `x-hasura-default-role` but `x-hasura-allowed-roles`, then the schema for this role will not be compiled hot 1
subscriptions on remote GraphQL servers hot 1
customise generated type names in graphql schema hot 1
Hasura console is not able to reach your Hasura GraphQL engine instance. Please ensure that your instance is running and the endpoint is configured correctly. hot 1
relay support hot 1
JWT nested scopes currently not supported on AWS Cognito / Lambda hot 1
Troubles connecting to DigitalOcean managed database connection pool hot 1
Feature request: Support aggregate(count, max, min...) in where, order_by clause hot 1
hasura "CREATE SCHEMA hdb_catalog" invokes "permission denied for database" hot 1
extend support for custom SQL functions (mutations, other functions types) hot 1
add some leeway for checking JWT expiry, to account for clock skew hot 1
_st_d_within function generates error hot 1
Failed to build schema-cache because of inconsistent metadata: postgres query error hot 1
CLI console subscriptions connect via WS instead of WSS on HTTPS/WSS Endpoints hot 1

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