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ajmath/CrashReporterDemo 1

Manage crash reports of your iPhone and Mac OS X apps during development, beta phase and after rollout, follow news on Twitter via @crashreporter

ajmath/docker-fluentd-gelf-to-redis 1

Docker container that listens for udp events from the gelf logging driver and sends them to redis

ajmath/airbrake-java 0

The official Java library for

ajmath/aminator 0

A tool for creating EBS AMIs. This tool currently works for CentOS/RedHat Linux images and is intended to run on an EC2 instance.

ajmath/analytics-react-native 0

The hassle-free way to add analytics to your React-Native app.

ajmath/android-numberpicker 0

A backport of the Android 4.2 NumberPicker

ajmath/android_contact_picker 0

Easily display and retrieve contact information on Android

ajmath/andy-kristen-wedding 0

The script for Andy and Kristen's wedding.

ajmath/apollo-cli 0

:pencil2: Command line tool for development and production Apollo workflows

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Documents error response for Phone.parse/1 and Phone.parse/2 in specs

@fcevado Did you mean to close this without merging?


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Documents error response for Phone.parse/1 and Phone.parse/2 in typespecs

Fixes #135 and maybe #101?

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Elixir phone number parser for numbers in international standard.

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