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Addy Osmani addyosmani Google Mountain View, California Engineering Manager at Google working on Chrome & Web Platform

addyosmani/backbone-fundamentals 9391

:book: A creative-commons book on Backbone.js for beginners and advanced users alike

addyosmani/a11y 1687

Accessibility audit tooling for the web (beta)

addyosmani/backbone-boilerplates 491

Backbone.js stack boilerplates demonstrating integration with Express, Ruby, PHP, Grails and more.

aaronfrost/grunt-traceur 205

This is a grunt task for adding a grunt task to compiler ES6 JS into ES3 JS using Traceur Compiler

addyosmani/backbone-mobile-search 156

A Backbone.js + jQuery Mobile sample app using AMD for separation of modules, Require.js for dependency management + template externalisation and Underscore for templating

addyosmani/angular1-dribbble-pwa 103

Angular 1 Dribbble Progressive Web App demo

addyosmani/backbonejs-gallery 73

A Backbone, Underscore and jQuery Templates based image gallery (early early beta)

addyosmani/a11y-webapp 45

A11y WebApp built with Polymer (WIP)

addyosmani/backbone-koans-qunit 45

Backbone Koans for QUnit

addyosmani/backbone-aura 38

Backbone Aura

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Adds priority hints doc

Just to confirm, we will aim to circle back with a PR addressing the table accessibility feedback sometime this week. Thanks for the helpful review!


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Addy Osmani

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[minor] Update first image in post (#6448)

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delete branch : updates-embeds-best2

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[minor] Update first image in embeds post cla: yes

Caught an issue with the readability of this image and have redone it.

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[minor] Update first image in embeds post

Caught an issue with the readability of this image and have redone it.

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branch : updates-embeds-best2

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Addy Osmani

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[screenshot] Update visual (last time)

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Addy Osmani

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[linting] add newline

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[third-party-embeds] Update embeds screenshot

This change updates the primary screenshot in the embeds best practices blog post. It:

  • Redoes the screenshot to be higher resolution
  • Obfuscates the site being used in the background
  • Clarifies that the embeds we care about here are offscreen
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create barnchGoogleChrome/

branch : updates-embed-best

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Embed best practices

Just for history:

We have already gone through a few rounds of review for this content via Google Docs and are now seeking a markdown review. Content should be 1:1.

Beyond the linting fixes, I may tweak the images further slightly but the text LGTM.


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Speculative prerendering minor edits

This PR makes three minor changes:

  1. Adds a cover image
  2. Adjust author order
  3. Fixes MDN link linting issues

Let me know if this works? Cheers!

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branch : spec-pre-edits

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Add speculative prerendering post

Hey @mihajlija. Thanks for moving the draft to markdown! The authors on this post will be Leena Sohoni-Kasture and myself. I have an existing author profile and I've attached a zip with author profile info (yml, author details) from Leena.


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pull request commentvercel/next.js

feat(image-optimizer): Add support for AVIF

In case interesting, the latest version of sharp (0.29.0+) has faster AVIF encoding support:


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issue commentwhatwg/html

Standardize Priority Hints

In Chrome, we continue to be interested in providing developers greater control over relative resource loading priorities, but have not yet been able to define changes to the original Priority Hints spec draft that we believe give developers the kinds of wins they might expect. That is not to say that Priority Hints are off the table, but we need to refine their value to the point another round of experimentation could be done (in a world where you also have preload, early hints etc).


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