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Addy Osmani addyosmani Google Mountain View, California Engineering Manager at Google working on Chrome & Web Platform

addyosmani/backbone-fundamentals 9412

:book: A creative-commons book on Backbone.js for beginners and advanced users alike

addyosmani/a11y 1679

Accessibility audit tooling for the web (beta)

addyosmani/backbone-boilerplates 492

Backbone.js stack boilerplates demonstrating integration with Express, Ruby, PHP, Grails and more.

aaronfrost/grunt-traceur 205

This is a grunt task for adding a grunt task to compiler ES6 JS into ES3 JS using Traceur Compiler

addyosmani/backbone-mobile-search 157

A Backbone.js + jQuery Mobile sample app using AMD for separation of modules, Require.js for dependency management + template externalisation and Underscore for templating

addyosmani/angular1-dribbble-pwa 104

Angular 1 Dribbble Progressive Web App demo

addyosmani/backbonejs-gallery 74

A Backbone, Underscore and jQuery Templates based image gallery (early early beta)

addyosmani/a11y-webapp 45

A11y WebApp built with Polymer (WIP)

addyosmani/backbone-koans-qunit 45

Backbone Koans for QUnit

addyosmani/backbone-aura 38

Backbone Aura


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issue commentwebpack/webpack-cli

Dynamic port selection for webpack-dev-server does not work

Can you try with webpack-dev-server@4-beta.3


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issue commentpuppeteer/puppeteer

What is wrong with page.pdf() in Puppeteer?

Is this issue has been fixed?


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issue commentwebpack/webpack

Uncaught ReferenceError: global is not defined

For me this worked:

app.on('ready', () => {
    mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
        webPreferences: {
            nodeIntegration: true,
            contextIsolation: false,

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issue commentwebpack/webpack-cli

Dynamic port selection for webpack-dev-server does not work

Hi, can this be reopened?

I can file a new issue, but the details would be mostly identical to this one.


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issue openedGoogleChrome/

content: fix typo in CSS functions example: attr parameter should not have quotes

What page(s) need to be updated?

Why is this update needed?

content: attr('href'); does not fetch the value of the href attribute. Should be written without quotes: content: attr(href);

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issue commentgatsbyjs/gatsby

Loading chunks while a new release is deployed

Yep, it's working for us as well. If this gets added in some default way to gatsby, please update this thread so we can remove our patch. :)


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issue commentwebpack/webpack

support output.libraryTarget: 'module'

@sokra Any updates on this? Last I've seen comment wise is from February and I haven't seen much else after sifting through PRs.

I hesitate to overstate the case, however this is one of the most requested features for webpack I can think of. if it had a special library mode like you mentioned, for building shared libraries efficiently, and a separate ESM export mode for production, it would solve so many problems for alot of folks.


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push eventweb-platform-tests/wpt

Xida Chen

commit sha 4c83511984d28d692a68de2330a844183b9d488e

[composite-bgcolor-animation] Return empty result when PaintWorkletInput not found The root cause of the problem is that there is an early exit in the DiscardableImageMap::GatherDiscardableImages(), happening when the paint rect for the op is empty. This makes sense because there is nothing to draw. Note that this is different than the empty element case. In fact, we already have "background-color-animation-zero-size-element.html" under css-backgrounds/animations/ and there is no problem with that. The bug happens when the element is not empty, but its intersection with the SkCanvas that it draws into is empty. Please see the notes in this doc for more details: The |PaintWorkletImageProvider::records_| contains the records for all the discardable images that can draw. Meaning that the ones that early exits won't be included in the |records_|. But, when the PaintWorkletImageProvider::GetPaintRecordResult() is called, the input parameter |PaintWorkletInput| would contain all possible PaintWorkletInput that is passed from Blink to CC, which obviously contains the ones that cannot draw. As a result, these PaintWorkletInputs won't exists in the |records_|. We handle these cases by returning an empty record because there is nothing to draw (like empty container cases). Bug: 1216210 Change-Id: I9630aa4b55fd1322f641f42b05c20aab8c7234c7 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Philip Rogers <> Reviewed-by: Robert Flack <> Commit-Queue: Xida Chen <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#894050}

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Byungwoo Lee

commit sha eff766e5c8c39be7b9bff064bce3a18eb2953ac5

Supports all ':has' relative argument cases Currently the relative selector is not supported yet, so this CL provides the relative argument cases as follows. - :has(:scope > <complex-selector>) - :has(:scope ~ <complex-selector>) - :has(:scope + <complex-selector>) This CL provides a wpt test for the above usage. - has-relative-argument.html While matching those argument selectors on the :has argument subtree of an element, we can get the candidate scope elements. By marking those elements as matched, we can reduce the duplicated ':has' argument matching operation. HasArgumentSubtreeIterator provides the way to traverse the ':has' argument subtree (downward subtree of the :has scope element). The iterator provides right-to-left post-order traversal to prevent incorrect 'NotMatched' status. And it also provides a way to limit traversal depth or adjacent distance to prevent unnecessary tree traversal for direct relations (child/direct sibling). About the issue of incorrect 'NotMatched' status, the previous caching logic has a bug of incorrectly using the cached status to skip one argument selector matching operation for one descendant of an element. The cached status should be used to skip the argument matching operations for all the descendants of an element because it is the status of :has scope element. To store the 'NotMatched' status correctly during the ':has' subtree traversal for argument selector matching , the traversal order should be right-to-left reversed post-order to guarantee that, the downward subtree(descendants/next siblings/descendants of next siblings) of an element was checked with the argument selector before checking the element and the previous check didn't mark the element as 'Matched'. The ':has(.descendant)' test case in the 'has-basic.html' missed to have an expected return value related with this bug, so the test result is fixed with this CL. And to check the added/fixed logic, following test are added. - has-relative-argument.html Change-Id: I71f8752ad90d32c6f9ee6bf87949b838e3843eba Bug: 669058 Reviewed-on: Commit-Queue: Byungwoo Lee <> Reviewed-by: Rune Lillesveen <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#894067}

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created tagweb-platform-tests/wpt


Test suites for Web platform specs — including WHATWG, W3C, and others

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pull request commentwebpack/webpack

parse import assertions

<!-- identifier: ci-result -->

@xtuc The most important CI builds failed. This way your PR can't be merged.

Please take a look at the CI results from azure (1 errors / 1 warnings) and appveyor (failure) and fix these issues.


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issue commentHTTPArchive/

Resource Hints 2021

Hey @kevinfarrugia let me know if you need any help from connecting the data from last year to this year. Or you need any insights on the how we wrote the doc from last year.


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issue commentHTTPArchive/

Translate content to Japanese

Hello @hi-toshi How progress performance chapter?

Please tell me. 😄


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issue commentgatsbyjs/gatsby

Issue Mismatch ssr with dev__ssr testing location.pathname with TrailingSlash

one update on this patch better to create an other param , else matchpath feature is broken

    const renderResponse = await renderDevHTML({
      path: pathObj.path, // patch
      pathorigin: decodeURI(req.path), // patch
      page: pathObj,
      skipSsr: req.query[`skip-ssr`] || false,
      htmlComponentRendererPath: `${}/public/render-page.js`,

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pull request commentGoogleChrome/lighthouse

WIP: add new axe audits

Thanks @connorjclark - nope, no problem in your messaging at all - I was worried by the idea of #10072 having had a wide negative impact, but am glad to hear and see that the number of informative rules is small. Phew :)

And yep, I recall that kind of venn-diagram-matching problem re: the slight differences between the way the two libraries model the world. A lot of my unease, I think, was that I'd lost whatever context I had since then, and that perhaps I hadn't understood the problem properly (still possible!).

I'll probably gladly opt-out of any further changes for now, a bit less time nowadays. Thank you though :)


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pull request commentGoogleChrome/lighthouse

WIP: add new axe audits

And there have been several people in the accessibility gatherer and axe-audit recently and have them fresh in our minds, so I don't think there's any problem with one of us taking the change and hopefully we can just rope you in for consultation, if you have the time.


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issue openedgoogle/material-design-lite

Material Design Introduction link in the README is broken

What is the actual behavior?
The link points to which doesn't work. Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 1 57 07 AM

What is the expected behavior? The actual link should be pointing to

Submitted the PR for the fix:

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PR opened google/material-design-lite

Fix the Material Design Introduction link in README

This PR is a fix for the broken link in the README file.

Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 1 57 07 AM

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1 changed file

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pull request commentGoogleChrome/lighthouse

WIP: add new axe audits

Really sorry if my comment came across as criticizing. The thing I was trying to say (but reading back, it's a bit too implicitly stated) is that the change was necessary to handle incomplete results, but that the notApplicable part left a subset of results from a single axe rule in a weird state because axe has one way of marking results as possible but not (currently) verifiable problems and lighthouse has its own way of doing the same, but they're not quite compatible. So sometimes you end up in this technically correct but hard to diagnose state for that one audit (two when we land empty-table-header).

I didn't raise any alarms specifically because this only affects form-field-multiple-labels and the audit is unscored no matter its result since it's scoreDisplayMode: 'informative', so we don't have to worry about any big regression or anything.

Your thoughts on resolving the third state sound good to me, and maybe there's more we can do to help future updaters of axe in Lighthouse with knowing when to mark an audit informative, if only to shorten the process of trying to add every permutation of a test and having no clue as to why they cannot get that audit to fail :)


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pull request commentGoogleChrome/lighthouse

WIP: add new axe audits

So in all it means

* passing (but 0 weight) if you don't have any tables with headers (`th` or aria-based)

* informative if you may have failed (with the result looking like the screenshot above)

* notApplicable if you do have a table with a header with proper text

:wave: hey @connorjclark @patrickhulce - I noticed this while looking back through some GitHub history.

After refreshing my memory and reading this thread, case three above (informative rule, passing elements on the page) does read as non-ideal. The relevant conditional is

I remember passes not being present in the Accessibility result structure, and at some point I was experimenting with adding that, before removing it again nearish merge time.


  • I'm not sure I was (or am) best equipped to help out, but do feel an obligation to offer maintenance, so let me know if I can help (not required by any means, especially if this is further distraction).
  • #10072 was noisy, sorry about that
  • This comment is perhaps slightly defensive, but I do worry that I've potentially broken or downscored pages here, and that's ungreat

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issue openedgatsbyjs/gatsby

Small issue ssr

A link path is not correctly rendered in ssr compared to client

solution to patch in src/utils/find-path.js

var here potentialPatho save the correct replace path

if (path !==/) { // check various trailing/leading slashes combinations const hasLeadingSlash = path.startsWith(/); const hasTrailingSlash = path.endsWith(/); const bare = path.slice(hasLeadingSlash ? 1 : 0, hasTrailingSlash ? -1 : path.length); let potentialPatho; [bare,/+ bare, bare +/,/+ bare +/`].some(potentialPath => { page = pages.get(potentialPath); potentialPatho=potentialPath; return !!page; });

  if (page) {
    return page;
} `

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issue commentGoogleChrome/web-vitals

Document metric units

@philipwalton how is #13 adding information about the units? I would love to see some example of raw values returned and their actual meaning, since that is not obvious by just looking at the output. Furthermore, I agree with @addyosmani, I think it would be great to have the units returned explicitly, but that's outside the scope of documentation. I think this issue is still relevant though.


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