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Simen Bekkhus SimenB @folio-as Oslo, Norway

facebook/jest 35450

Delightful JavaScript Testing.

siimon/prom-client 1843

Prometheus client for node.js

microsoft/playwright-test 781

Build a cross-browser end-to-end test suite with Playwright.

af/envalid 712

Environment variable validation for Node.js

istanbuljs/istanbuljs 684

monorepo containing the various nuts and bolts that facilitate istanbul.js test instrumentation

istanbuljs/babel-plugin-istanbul 511

A babel plugin that adds istanbul instrumentation to ES6 code

SimenB/add-asset-html-webpack-plugin 315

Add a JavaScript or CSS asset to the HTML generated by html-webpack-plugin

rickhanlonii/jest-silent-reporter 89

A silent reporter for Jest

istanbuljs/v8-to-istanbul 61

convert from v8 coverage format to istanbul's format

danielhusar/gulp-stylint 30

Gulp plugin for stylus stylint linter

pull request commentexpo/expo

[location] Add and update doc comments

I've just taken notice of @Simek awesome work on the auto-generation doc feature, so I might as well update the whole package's doc comments to be compatible with his feature.

Hi @FelipeACP, currently the docs auto-gen feature is still in development phase and there is no public guide yet how to add it to the package. I will try to condense the information and will try to list all the required steps below:

  • add package mappings to the GenerateDocsAPIData.ts in tools directory
  • setup Expo tools and run et gdad or et gdad -p PACKAGE_|NAME_IN_MAPPINGS anywhere from the workspace
  • verify that new JSON file has been generated in docs/public directory
  • import and use APISection component on the unversioned MD for the package
  • verify that there are no regression/missing information in comparision to hand-written guide and all types are exported and have the correct types

Hope those few steps will help you to achieve the goal described above. Feel free to ask any related questions, if you would have any. 🙂


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PR opened facebook/jest

feat: Flush animation frames every 16ms when using legacy timers



Defaulting to 60fps target for animation frames which matches jsdom.

Test plan

  • [ ] CI green
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created tagfinn-no/node-docker


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issue closedexpo/expo

[expo-local-authentication] app_cancel bug


Authorization hangs and an app_cancel error is thrown. When the application asks for the fingerprint, then we lock the screen and unlock it using a pattern or a pin. After that each authenticateAsync call throws an app_cancel error. This issue does not happen every time.

I use Xiaomi Mi9.

It seems like there is a problem with Android implementation and property mIsAuthenticating is always true after case described above, thats why another call of authenticateAsync causes this error.

Managed or bare workflow? If you have ios/ or android/ directories in your project, the answer is bare!


What platform(s) does this occur on?


SDK Version (managed workflow only)



I use expo-local-authentication with unimodules.

Reproducible demo or steps to reproduce from a blank project

Look at summary.

closed time in 19 minutes


issue commentexpo/expo

[expo-local-authentication] app_cancel bug

It seems to be fixed by The patch will be released with the new SDK (42).

I'm closing this issue for now. However, feel free to reopen it, if this bug will still be present in the SDK 42.


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created tagfinn-no/node-docker


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pull request commentexpo/expo

[location] Update types for `Location.requestForegroundPermissionsAsync` and `Location.getForegroundPermissionsAsync`.

I think it's a mistake in our documentation - not in type definitions. On Android, we provide more information with permission responses. That information isn't available on iOS, but we still need to ensure the type is correct for both platforms. That's why methods return LocationPermissionResponse.


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push eventfinn-no/node-docker


commit sha f4783de28c9111c28eb831ba93089e31e7cf276b

Fix typo

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issue commenttc39/proposal-compartments

Consider hooks for Array templatedness


Why the boolean flag? A compartment should be able to detect the templatedness of its own templates. It should not be able to detect the templatedness of other templates.

The templatedness check (without compartments) is realm-agnostic ( i.e. another Realm templates pass it, hence the new [[TemplateObject]] instead of reusing [[TemplateMap]] for the check. I agree moving the [[TemplateMap]] to the compartments from realms makes sense, but the regular (i.e. not compartmentalized) isTemplateObjectis not checking the [[TemplateMap]], so it doesn't change much?

I wanted to preserve this semantic for code running inside a Compartment. If this is not a requirement (and the code running inside a compartment will always be more restricted), then the signature could be changed. What is the expected behavior we're looking for in the following cases (for the Array.[prototype].isTemplateObject running inside a compartment)?

  1. a cross-realm template
  2. same-realm template a. created outside of compartment b. created in a different compartment c. created in the same compartment

IIUC 1, 2a and 2b should fail unconditionally, and 2c should look in the compartment-relative[[TemplateMap]], and additionally consult the configurable isTemplate? Do I get it right, that compartment.isTemplate is called implicitly for 2c?

If this is the case, we would need to know that the code executes in a compartment. It's not currently spelled out, but I guess compartments will store that in a running execution context so we could branch on that?

is there a summary of why this is needed?

@Jack-Works, see and the rest of that issue. The summary is: to be able to virtualize isTemplateObject check in a compartment.


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PR opened facebook/jest

docs: reference prettier in inline snapshots section

<!-- Thanks for submitting a pull request! Please provide enough information so that others can review your pull request. The two fields below are mandatory. -->

<!-- Please remember to update at the root of the project if you have not done so. -->


See #8467.

When using toMatchInlineSnapshot(), the implicit dependency on prettier can be a source of confusion, so briefly adding a mention in the docs.

Test plan

<!-- Demonstrate the code is solid. Example: The exact commands you ran and their output, screenshots / videos if the pull request changes UI. -->

(Docs only.)

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push eventexpo/expo

Wojciech Kozyra

commit sha ab7e0dc55b5f4e14b8063f195e6978af1a981c34

[docs] EAS Build: update build process info (#13252) * [docs] EAS Build: update build process info * Update docs/pages/build-reference/ Co-authored-by: Dominik Sokal <> Co-authored-by: Dominik Sokal <>

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delete branch expo/expo

delete branch : @wkozyra95/docs-eas-update-build-process-docs

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PR merged expo/expo

[docs] EAS Build: update build process info bot: passed checks


Update docs


Test Plan


  • [ ] Documentation is up to date to reflect these changes (eg: and
  • [ ] This diff will work correctly for expo build (eg: updated @expo/xdl).
  • [ ] This diff will work correctly for expo prebuild & EAS Build (eg: updated a module plugin).
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push eventexpo/expo

Wojciech Kozyra

commit sha e14b5a57ab0e30ce31beb3ecaec2e20201a12089

Update docs/pages/build-reference/ Co-authored-by: Dominik Sokal <>

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Pull request review commentexpo/expo

[docs] EAS Build: update build process info

 In this next phase, this is what happens when EAS Build picks up your request: 1. Restore a previously saved cache identified by the `cache.key` value in the build profile. ([Learn more](../build/eas-json/).) 1. Run `pod install` in the `ios` directory inside your project. 1. Run the `eas-build-post-install` script from package.json if defined.-1. Restore the credentials:+1. **Generic** Restore the credentials: (for managed projects it's done before `expo prebuild`)
1. **Generic** Restore the credentials (for managed projects it's done before `expo prebuild`):

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issue commentfacebook/jest

`requestAnimationFrame` callbacks are never called with legacy fake timers when advancing time

Thanks for the quick response.

Legacy timers do not support rAF:

I'm not sure why waitFor from @testing-library/dom was working before merged though. Maybe it just worked incidentally because we used to real setImmediate which would flush animation frames at some point (even though the timing would be completely off)

PR welcome!

Let me check if I can throw something together quickly. Not sure if this will be useful though since that would still require updating jest itself.


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issue commentreact-native-community/releases

Road to v0.65.0 - RC0 phase

there is already a PR for bumping flipper to 0.93 on IOS


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created tagnodejs/citgm


Canary in the Gold Mine

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push eventnodejs/citgm

Michaël Zasso

commit sha 58d52399a90d7bbc8d079c089a087a76ed06d38c


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created tagfinn-no/node-docker


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push eventnodejs/citgm

Simen Bekkhus

commit sha ca468299c00c72f1478f470ff06d7c379878fcc7

lookup: add prom-client (#861)

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PR merged nodejs/citgm

add prom-client to lookup

<!-- Thank you for your pull request. Please provide a description above and review the requirements below. -->

Fixes #860

@siimon @zbjornson do you want to not be included here?

Note that 16.x on GH Actions will fail:


<!-- Remove items that do not apply. For completed items, change [ ] to [x]. -->

  • [x] npm test passes
  • [ ] tests are included
  • [ ] documentation is changed or added
  • [ ] contribution guidelines followed here
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issue closednodejs/citgm

Add prom-client to the lookup

See and

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created tagfinn-no/node-docker


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created tagfinn-no/node-docker


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pull request commentnodejs/citgm

add prom-client to lookup

New run:


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issue closednodejs/citgm

Node.js 16 failures

I started a run (with citgm's main branch) against Node.js master to check the current status:

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push eventexpo/expo

Tomasz Sapeta

commit sha 534002259e35545108bfe55c2405f9273b0ff0be

[skip ci] Experimental first-class support for Swift modules

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delete branch nodejs/citgm

delete branch : esm

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