Sander SanderSpies Amsterdam, NL Developer with an interest in OCaml and Reason.

reasonml/reason-react 3006

Reason bindings for ReactJS

reason-association/genType 622

Auto generation of idiomatic bindings between Reason and JavaScript: either vanilla or typed with TypeScript/FlowType.

ocamllabs/furore 12

"an outbreak of public anger or excitement" (about OCaml)

sabine/ocaml-to-wasm 7

trying to make sense of Clambda->WebAssembly, currently experimental and useless

SanderSpies/all-initial 4

A Polyfill for react-style to support all:initial for most browsers.

SanderSpies/awesome-react 1

A collection of awesome React libraries, resources and shiny things.

SanderSpies/acorn 0

A small, fast, JavaScript-based JavaScript parser

SanderSpies/atd 0

Syntax for cross-language type definitions (official repository)

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fork SanderSpies/reanalyze

Experimental analyses for OCaml/Reason: for globally dead values/types, exception analysis, and termination analysis.

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