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NilMouraa/agGridExample 0

Angular5 e Bootstrap4.

NilMouraa/kafka-waffle-stack 0

Kafka stack with zookeeper, schema-registry, kafka-rest-proxy, kafka-connect, kafka-connect-ui, zoonavigator-web & zoonavigator-api

NilMouraa/MetodoGrafico 0

Trabalho de Otimização

NilMouraa/micronaut-kafka 0

Integration between Micronaut and Apache Kafka

issue commentmicronaut-projects/micronaut-kafka

Mechanism of obtaining consumer settings through the groupId qualifier does not work for groups in the upper snake case pattern.

@graemerocher could you confirm me if this is indeed a bug. Because if it is, I have a suggested solution for that.


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issue commentgrpc/grpc-kotlin

Add optional fields

@jamesward, Do you have a forecast for the launch of the 1.1.0 release?


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