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Igor-Palaguta/AsyncDispatcher 4

Library for asynchronous operations, for managing dependencies

Igor-Palaguta/ESOmniture 2

This is a custom opensource library for the Omniture protocol

Igor-Palaguta/accengage-ios-extension-sdk-releases 0

The Accengage iOS Framework Extension Releases

Igor-Palaguta/accengage-ios-sdk-releases 0

The Accengage iOS Framework Releases

Igor-Palaguta/ADFlipTransition 0

An alternative presentation animation for iOS. Mimics the flip animation from the iOS iTunes/App Store.

Igor-Palaguta/ADTickerLabel 0

An objective-c UIView which provide a mechanism to show numbers with rolling effect, like in counter

Igor-Palaguta/AFHTTPRequestOperationLogger 0

AFNetworking Extension for HTTP Request Logging

Igor-Palaguta/AFNetworkActivityLogger 0

AFNetworking 2.0 Extension for Network Request Logging

Igor-Palaguta/AMScrollingNavbar 0

Scrollable UINavigationBar that follows the scrolling of a UIScrollView

issue commentmxcl/PromiseKit

Support a progress handler

Looks like progress in URLSessionTask is lazy now. Currently NSURLSession+Promise hides task inside, so there is no way to access to task's progress to initiate its creation.

In mentioned below code parentProgress not changing:

    let parentProgress = Progress(totalUnitCount: 1)
    parentProgress.becomeCurrent(withPendingUnitCount: 1)
    let promise = URLSession.shared.dataTask(.promise, with: request)

but, after adding _ = task.progress, it will work properly:

    public func dataTask(_: PMKNamespacer, with convertible: URLRequestConvertible) -> Promise<(data: Data, response: URLResponse)> {
        return Promise { seal in
            let task = dataTask(with: convertible.pmkRequest, completionHandler: adapter($0))
            _ = task.progress

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