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Use speech to fill in text fields1)Right click on an editable element, 2) click the "voice type" option in the context menu 3) allow microphone access 4) say what you want to type loud & clearly 5) see your words populate the editable field when you stop talking

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Facilitating joint collaboration amongst the TSC and CommComm

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iPhone app built with React Native for viewing houses for sale in the Northwest

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My personal page

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Reserve's Frontend Code Test

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Heroku app practice

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Auditing, performance metrics, and best practices for Progressive Web Apps


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Lyanne Lalunio

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created text styling for scoreboard

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Lyanne Lalunio

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Added stylings to rank, username, and score

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testing git

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Duck is Clickable

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Edgar Muentes

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format css

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Edgar Muentes

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latest updates from class today

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Edgar Muentes

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fix duckhunt

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