David du Colombier 0intro @videolabs Paris, France Programmer

0intro/plan9 669

Plan 9 from Bell Labs

0intro/9hist 80

History of the Plan 9 kernel (1990 - 2003)

0intro/drawterm 63

Connect to Plan 9 CPU servers from other operating systems.

0intro/libtask 42

Libtask is a simple coroutine library

0intro/plan9-contrib 31

Plan 9 from Bell Labs, with contributions.

0intro/pcap 24

A native pcap library written in Go.

0intro/libelf 23

Libelf is a simple library to read ELF files

0intro/libixp 21

Portable, simple C-language 9P client and server libary.

0intro/plan9-gpl 20

Plan 9 from Bell Labs, under GPL

0intro/libregexp 16

Unix port of the Plan 9 regular expression library


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issue commentgolang/go

all: build failing on plan9/amd64

This one isn't an issue with the builder, but a regression in the Go toolchain.


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