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zzeroo/ArcadeRS-1.0 1

Explore the Rust programming language and ecosystem through the development of a simple, old-school shooter

zzeroo/automatically_update_github_pages_with_travis_example 1

An example of automatically updating GitHub Pages when you're using Travis CI.

zzeroo/azul 1

Desktop GUI Framework

zzeroo/bowline 1

Ruby/JS GUI and Binding framework

Kliemann-Service-GmbH/KIS 0

Kliemann-Service Infosystem

RA-GAS-GmbH/AK-230 0

Quellcode für AK-230 Reihe

zzeroo/.dotfiles 0

My personal dotfiles Idea: [@StreakyCobra]( :+1: Description: <>

zzeroo/.tmux 0

🇫🇷 Oh My Tmux! Pretty & versatile tmux configuration made with ❤️ (imho the best tmux configuration that just works)

zzeroo/01B_LON_Adapter 0

LON Adapter

issue commentesp-rs/espflash

ESP32-PICO-D4 - Error: flash chip not supported

Greetings, I have the V4 version of this board (several of them actually) and am experiencing the same issue. As suggested above, I built from master (commit 0242407) and see the same result as tobymurray:

Error: flash chip not supported, flash id: 0xff


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issue commentstascorp/rdpwrap

support for 10.0.17763.1613

Why are you running this on windows server? Windows server should natively support all the features of this program.


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push eventcutiepi-io/cutiepi-board

Penk Chen

commit sha eff1d873d3d1ce87f47a4dacd584baedca8a6f0f

Upgrade for CM4

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issue openedredox-os/orbtk

Unable to Update Text

Hi! I'm having some issues getting OrbTk to behave. I'm trying to build a front-end for a program which will "encrypt" files. (Ok, it's not planned to be excellent encryption; this is meant to be a class project demonstrating things in Rust, so this isn't meant to be a super robust encryption system. That's all beside the point, though.)

I'm struggling with getting the text to update in my program in response to a message. I'm really confused because otherwise, everything seems to be working. I've gotten almost the exact same logic working in a watered-down example program, but... that hasn't helped much.

At the moment, when I run it, I get this after dragging and dropping the highlighted file in. I want the "No file" text to change to the file's path. (Ultimately it will change to the file's name, but that comes later.) image

This is the simplified example which does work. It's based on the OrbTk example with multithreading, except I played with it some.

This is the project I am working on. In retrospect I should have just uploaded my repo to GitHub; I'll do that if I keep having issues.

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issue openedredox-os/orbtk

Wasm2js cannot be installed for cargo-node version

Describe the bug I cannot run the cargo-node versions with the commands provided in the I have following error message:

[luminouslizard@lumi orbtk-develop]$ cargo node run --target android --example showcase     

install wasm2js
npm WARN checkPermissions Missing write access to /usr/lib/node_modules
npm ERR! code EACCES
npm ERR! syscall access
npm ERR! path /usr/lib/node_modules
npm ERR! errno -13
npm ERR! Error: EACCES: permission denied, access '/usr/lib/node_modules'
npm ERR!  [Error: EACCES: permission denied, access '/usr/lib/node_modules'] {
npm ERR!   errno: -13,
npm ERR!   code: 'EACCES',
npm ERR!   syscall: 'access',
npm ERR!   path: '/usr/lib/node_modules'
npm ERR! }
npm ERR! 
npm ERR! The operation was rejected by your operating system.
npm ERR! It is likely you do not have the permissions to access this file as the current user
npm ERR! 
npm ERR! If you believe this might be a permissions issue, please double-check the
npm ERR! permissions of the file and its containing directories, or try running
npm ERR! the command again as root/Administrator.

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR!     /home/luminouslizard/.npm/_logs/2020-11-26T21_42_19_959Z-debug.log

If I run the command with sudo (to give the permission), following message is displayed: error: no override and no default toolchain set

To Reproduce The native desktop version works perfect. Following the steps provided in the I installed cargo-node, NodeJS and npm.


  • OS: Linux 5.9.10 Manjaro KDE
  • Browser Firefox 83.0
  • rustc 1.48.0 (7eac88abb 2020-11-16)
  • rustup 1.22.1 (b01adbbc3 2020-07-08)
  • NodeJS 15.2.1-1
  • npm 6.14.8-2

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issue commentbodil/vgtk

error: failed to run custom build command for `gdk-pixbuf v0.8.0`

Seems there is a PR already that allows disabling this feature #61


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fork killvxk/FXY

Security-Scenes-Feature-Engineering-Toolkit, Continuous Integration.一款安全数据特征化工具

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fork killvxk/Active-Directory-Exploitation-Cheat-Sheet

A cheat sheet that contains common enumeration and attack methods for Windows Active Directory.

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fork killvxk/GH-Injector-Library

A feature rich DLL injection library.

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issue openedstascorp/rdpwrap

support for 10.0.17763.1613

hi running on windows server 2019, 10.0.17763.1613 version of DLL is not supported... Any help please ? thx !

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issue openedstascorp/rdpwrap

19042.662 20H2 Release preview not working

Hello to all. I'm windows insider on release preview channel and i received silently an update to 19042.662. So the last rdpwrap.ini stopped working. I thought i'd let everybody know.

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create barnchcutiepi-io/cutiepi-board

branch : v2.0

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issue openedstascorp/rdpwrap


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issue commentbodil/vgtk

Connecting to the 'draw' signal

I have found a potential workaround for this problem.

<Layout on realize=|l| { l.connect_draw(draw_layout); Message::None } />

I just added a dummy message because the update function isn't supposed to do anything with it I think.

I think the downside of this is that the draw callback can't send a message to the update function. So the procedural Cairo drawing code will just live in its own little bubble. Coming to think of it, it also can't access the state, which makes it kind of useless beyond drawing hello world?


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issue commentbodil/vgtk

error: failed to run custom build command for `gdk-pixbuf v0.8.0`

Patching vgtk as follows removes the documentation stuff. No idea what the implications of that are, but fixes my immediate problem.

version = "0.9.0"
features = ["v3_20"]

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issue openedbodil/vgtk

error: failed to run custom build command for `gdk-pixbuf v0.8.0`

I'm going completely nuts over this one. How to reproduce:

cargo generate --git
cd somewhere
# optionally update to vgtk to 0.3
cargo build
error: failed to run custom build command for `gdk-pixbuf v0.9.0`

Caused by:
  process didn't exit successfully: `/home/pepijn/code/asic/tester/target/debug/build/gdk-pixbuf-6ab202b0be096025/build-script-build` (exit code: 101)
  --- stderr
  thread 'main' panicked at 'Doc comments cannot be written everywhere', /home/pepijn/.cargo/registry/src/
  stack backtrace:
     0: std::panicking::begin_panic
               at /home/pepijn/.rustup/toolchains/stable-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/lib/rustlib/src/rust/library/std/src/
     1: stripper_lib::strip::strip_comments
               at /home/pepijn/.cargo/registry/src/
     2: lgpl_docs::purge::{{closure}}
               at /home/pepijn/.cargo/registry/src/
     3: stripper_lib::utils::check_path_type
               at /home/pepijn/.cargo/registry/src/
     4: stripper_lib::utils::do_loop_over_files
               at /home/pepijn/.cargo/registry/src/
     5: stripper_lib::utils::loop_over_files
               at /home/pepijn/.cargo/registry/src/
     6: lgpl_docs::purge
               at /home/pepijn/.cargo/registry/src/
     7: build_script_build::manage_docs
               at ./
     8: build_script_build::main
               at ./
     9: core::ops::function::FnOnce::call_once
               at /home/pepijn/.rustup/toolchains/stable-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/lib/rustlib/src/rust/library/core/src/ops/

I'd just report a bug with gdk-pixbuf, but if I only add gdk-pixbuf = "0.8.0" to my Cargo.toml it works fine. I did have this working a couple of days ago, so I have absolutely no clue what is going on. I updated to vgtk = "0.3.0" which in some weird order of operations made it work earlier today, but can't reproduce.

The bug seems to be related to some weird documentation generation thing deep in the bowels of gtk. I'd be more than happy to just not have it do any documentation stuff...

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issue closedstascorp/rdpwrap

rdpwrap.ini for 10.0.17763.1577 version

Does anybody have ini file for this build 10.0.17763.1577 that works?

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issue commentstascorp/rdpwrap

rdpwrap.ini for 10.0.17763.1577 version

Thanks! I used one of the ini you've send! now its working!


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issue commentstascorp/rdpwrap

rdpwrap.ini for 10.0.17763.1577 version

That is a windows version. Most of the ini files should support that, like asmtrons and affinityv's files below. But to be sure, run rdpconf.exe and look at the version number listed to the right of the 'Service State: running' label. Then search through your chosen .ini file to make sure it is there.

On Wed, 25 Nov 2020 at 21:49, shanialisar wrote:

Does anybody have ini file for this build 10.0.17763.1577 that works?

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