Mohamed Zenadi zeapo @WattSense Lyon, France Software Engineer @WattSense

android-password-store/Android-Password-Store 1674

Android application compatible with ZX2C4's Pass command line application

zeapo/barberousse 14

Remote Secret Editor for AWS Secret Manager

zeapo/genpiepie 2

Simple password generator in python

zeapo/abcd 1

The Augmented Block Cimmino Distributed Solver

zeapo/android-app 0

Code and issue about EchOpen display -- now on, #Android -- Perhaps some duplication with

zeapo/AndroidProgressLayout 0

Android View to simplify working with ProgressBar

zeapo/anko 0

Pleasant Android application development

zeapo/appstart 0

Tool for running a GAE MVM emulation environment.

zeapo/arrow 0

Mirror of Apache Arrow

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fork mre/helm-templexer

Render Helm charts for multiple environments using explicit configuration.

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fork wolfv/APIJSON

🏆码云最有价值开源项目 🚀后端接口和文档自动化,前端(客户端) 定制返回 JSON 的数据和结构!🏆Gitee Most Valuable Project 🚀A JSON Transmission Protocol and an ORM Library for automatically providing APIs and Docs.

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fork wolfv/conda-smithy

The tool for managing conda-forge feedstocks.

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Harsh Shandilya

commit sha e373de219f6217bcd4707316c73b669eebd8f812

maintainers/releasing: update for new versioning plugin improvements Signed-off-by: Harsh Shandilya <>

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fork wolfv/libarchive-feedstock

A conda-smithy repository for libarchive.

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Harsh Shandilya

commit sha a180c2a47af9a8920336e9db43ceb912bb0f7b42

Add user doc page on invalid GPG keys Fixes

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fork wolfv/provision-with-micromamba

GitHub Action to provision a CI instance using micromamba

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fork wolfv/boa-forge

New style recipes for boa, with features enabled

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fork pfn/RepRapFirmware

OO C++ RepRap Firmware

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