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Zacck Osiemo zacck @LittleKidogo @andela Universe BadAss Wannabe! Learner of code, Implementer of Samples. Cat Herder at @LittleKidogo.

LittleKidogo/mula_spender 3

Some automated forms to aid in our spending

LittleKidogo/ice-cream-rating 1

An Ice Cream Rating smart contract

LittleKidogo/task_store_umbrella 1

A distributed Task store ... because elixir

zacck/AndroidInstagramClone 1

Using Defunct Parse Apis to build an Instagram Close @techedrob is the instructor

LittleKidogo/design-sprint 0

Little Kidogo's Adaptation of the ThoughtBot Design Sprint

zacck/absinthe 0

The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir

zacck/absinthe_node_subscriptions 0

Minimal Subscriptions Example

zacck/absinthe_tutorial 0

Absinthe v1.4 Tutorial Code

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Template for starting stm32 projects

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