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Ying Xiong yxiong Google Inc. Mountain View, CA

yxiong/PSBox 9

A matlab toolbox for photometric stereo.

yxiong/SHBox 8

A Matlab toolbox for spherical harmonics.

yxiong/NLOBox 3

A matlab toolbox for nonlinear optimization.

yxiong/udacity-full-stack 2

Course projects for Udacity full stack web developer class.

yxiong/QBox 1

A matlab toolbox for quaternion and spatial rotation.

yxiong/boost-python-examples 0

Some examples for the use of boost::python

yxiong/caffe-tensorflow 0

Caffe models in TensorFlow

yxiong/cuda-mode 0

cuda-mode for Emacs.

yxiong/DfGBox 0

A matlab toolbox for estimating depth from gradient.


started time in 18 days

fork MATA62N/NLOBox

A matlab toolbox for nonlinear optimization.

fork in a month


started time in 2 months