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yasuyk/web-beautify 208

Format HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JSON by js-beautify

yasuyk/helm-git-grep 73

helm for git grep

yasuyk/Pinboard-Chrome-Extension 31

Google Chrome Extention for Pinboard (

yasuyk/helm-flycheck 30

Show flycheck errors with helm

yasuyk/helm-company 27

DO NOT FORK! This repository is outdated. Create a clean clone from which is the maintained fork.

yasuyk/ac-helm 21

Helm interface for auto-complete

yasuyk/cdnjs.el 19

A front end for

yasuyk/helm-go-package 17

helm sources for Go programming language's package

yasuyk/ac-emmet 14

auto-complete sources for emmet-mode's snippets

yasuyk/helm-bm 12

helm sources for bm.el

release michaelbull/kotlin-result


released time in 6 days


started time in 8 days


started time in 12 days


started time in 2 months