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edragonconnect/ex_aliyun_openapi 2

Aliyun openapi tools written in elixir

xosdy/raytracer 1

A toy ray tracer in Rust

xosdy/absinthe-metrics 0

Pluggable metrics for Absinthe based GraphQL backends

xosdy/aoc2018 0

Advent of Code 2018

xosdy/avbot 0

avbot that bridges QQ groups and IRC channels and XMPP rooms

xosdy/avim 0

IM for avplayer

xosdy/avplayer 0


xosdy/coding-interview-university 0

A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer.

xosdy/ecto_tablestore 0

Alibaba Tablestore adapter for Ecto

fork felixonmars/grampa

Grammar parser - combinator library for parsing a general context-free grammar

fork in 12 minutes

fork felixonmars/th-env

Template Haskell splice that expands to an environment variable

fork in 39 minutes

release phuslu/gotip


released time in 3 hours


started time in 3 hours

fork felixonmars/Juicy.Pixels

Haskell library to load & save pictures

fork in 4 hours


fork felixonmars/flexible-defaults

Generate default function implementations for complex type classes.

fork in 10 hours


started time in 14 hours


started time in 14 hours

fork felixonmars/storable-complex

This is the maintenance repo for storable complex

fork in 15 hours

fork felixonmars/critbit

A Haskell implementation of crit-bit trees.

fork in 18 hours


started time in 19 hours

fork felixonmars/tagsoup

Haskell library for parsing and extracting information from (possibly malformed) HTML/XML documents

fork in 19 hours


started time in 19 hours

fork felixonmars/word-wrap

A Haskell library for wrapping long lines of text

fork in a day

fork felixonmars/mersenne-random-pure64

Generate high quality pseudorandom numbers purely using a Mersenne Twister

fork in a day

release phuslu/gotip


released time in a day

created repositorythemeliolabs/ginkou-loader

created time in a day


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days

fork felixonmars/monadlib

A monad transformer library for Haskell

fork in 2 days

fork felixonmars/simple-reflect

Simple reflection of expressions

fork in 2 days

fork felixonmars/wizards

High level, generic library for interrogative user interfaces in Haskell

fork in 2 days

fork felixonmars/digest

This package provides efficient cryptographic hash implementations for strict and lazy bytestrings. For now, CRC32 and Adler32 are supported; they are implemented as FFI bindings to efficient code from zlib.

fork in 2 days