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xhess Baden Württemberg, Germany

xhess/bitwarden_rs 0

Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust

xhess/files_snapshots 0

Access filesystem snapshots from Nextcloud

xhess/firefly-iii-fints-importer 0

Import financial transactions from you FinTS enabled bank into Firefly III.

xhess/homebridge-frontier-silicon 0

Frontier Silicon Plugin For Homebridge

xhess/homebridge-mqttgaragedoor 0

Homebridge accessory plugin that create an HomeKit Garage Door Opener mapped on MQTT topics

xhess/i-librarian 0

I, Librarian - collaborative PDF manager, which enables researchers, scholars, or students to create an annotated collection of PDF articles.

xhess/kodi-ws 0

Node module to remote control an XBMC instance

xhess/librephotos 0

Self hosted alternative to Google Photos

xhess/Tasmota 0

Alternative firmware for ESP8266 with easy configuration using webUI, OTA updates, automation using timers or rules, expandability and entirely local control over MQTT, HTTP, Serial or KNX. Full documentation at


started time in 2 months