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wouterv/org.ops4j.orient 1

Extensions and tools for OrientDB

wouterv/cypher-dsl 0

A Java DSL for the Cypher Query Language and an optional Query DSL mode

wouterv/FilteringTable 0

An add-on for Vaadin. Extends the Vaadin Table component to provide optional filtering components below the table header.

wouterv/junit-benchmarks 0

JUnitBenchmarks (git clone of the head SVN)

wouterv/lerna-ts 0

Example TypeScript monorepo with Lerna

wouterv/orientdb 0

OrientDB document graph NoSQL dbms (database)

wouterv/orientdb-docs 0

Repository of the entire OrientDB documentation.

wouterv/orientqb 0

Query Builder for OSQL (OrientDB query language)

wouterv/rclone 0

Sync files to and from Google Drive, S3, Swift, Cloudfiles, Dropbox and Google Cloud Storage

wouterv/spring-data-neo4j 0

Provides support to increase developer productivity in Java when using the neo4j graph database. Uses familiar Spring concepts such as a template classes for core API usage and provides an annotation based programming model using AspectJ