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Wesley Moore wezm @yeslogic Sunshine Coast, Australia Developer with an interest in systems ranging from microcontrollers to web applications. Fan of Rust, Linux, and FreeBSD.

didoesdigital/typey-type 45

Typey Type for Stenographers is a free typing app designed specifically to help steno students practise and rapidly master stenography.

wezm/bar 5

A bar that lives in the awesome window manager wibar

wezm/advent-of-code 2

My advent of code solutions

wezm/allocator 2

Tool to calculate budget allocations for MoneyWell

wezm/aur 2


wezm/bluez-api-parser 1

Gem and tool for generating D-Bus introspection XML from the BlueZ API documentation

wezm/bluez-introspection-xml 1

D-Bus introspection XML generated from the BlueZ API documentation

didoesdigital/typey-type-data 0

Data for Typey Type, including lessons and dictionaries.

wezm/add-media-dimensions 0

Small Rust tool I whipped up to add image and video dimensions to some JSON data

fork goranmoomin/seoul-maps

Seoul administrative divisions in ESRI Shapefile, GeoJSON and TopoJSON formats.

fork in 5 hours


started time in 7 hours

release djkoloski/rkyv


released time in 8 hours


started time in 11 hours


started time in 13 hours


started time in 13 hours

release iNavFlight/inav


inav_3.0.0_AIKONF4.hex 1.28MB

inav_3.0.0_AIRBOTF4.hex 1.11MB

inav_3.0.0_AIRBOTF7.hex 1.18MB

inav_3.0.0_ALIENFLIGHTNGF7.hex 1.20MB

inav_3.0.0_ANYFC.hex 1.04MB

inav_3.0.0_ANYFCF7.hex 1.34MB

inav_3.0.0_ANYFCF7_EXTERNAL_BARO.hex 1.34MB

inav_3.0.0_ASGARD32F4.hex 1.27MB

inav_3.0.0_ASGARD32F7.hex 1.17MB

inav_3.0.0_BEEROTORF4.hex 1.28MB

inav_3.0.0_BETAFLIGHTF4.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_BLUEJAYF4.hex 1.12MB

inav_3.0.0_CLRACINGF4AIR.hex 1.22MB

inav_3.0.0_CLRACINGF4AIRV2.hex 1.24MB

inav_3.0.0_CLRACINGF4AIRV3.hex 1.24MB

inav_3.0.0_COLIBRI.hex 1.04MB

inav_3.0.0_DALRCF405.hex 1.29MB

inav_3.0.0_DALRCF722DUAL.hex 1.19MB

inav_3.0.0_DYSF4PRO.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_DYSF4PROV2.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_F4BY.hex 1.06MB

inav_3.0.0_FF_F35_LIGHTNING.hex 1.25MB

inav_3.0.0_FF_FORTINIF4.hex 1.24MB

inav_3.0.0_FF_PIKOF4.hex 1.05MB

inav_3.0.0_FF_PIKOF4OSD.hex 1.21MB

inav_3.0.0_FIREWORKSV2.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_FLYWOOF411.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_FLYWOOF411_V2.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_FLYWOOF745.hex 1.34MB

inav_3.0.0_FLYWOOF745NANO.hex 1.34MB

inav_3.0.0_FLYWOOF7DUAL.hex 1.19MB

inav_3.0.0_FOXEERF405.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_FOXEERF722DUAL.hex 1.18MB

inav_3.0.0_FOXEERF722V2.hex 1.18MB

inav_3.0.0_FRSKYF4.hex 1.23MB

inav_3.0.0_FRSKYPILOT.hex 1.32MB

inav_3.0.0_FRSKYPILOT_LED.hex 1.33MB

inav_3.0.0_FRSKY_ROVERF7.hex 1.18MB

inav_3.0.0_FURYF4OSD.hex 1.31MB

inav_3.0.0_HGLRCF722.hex 1.19MB

inav_3.0.0_IFLIGHTF4_SUCCEXD.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_IFLIGHTF4_TWING.hex 1.28MB

inav_3.0.0_IFLIGHTF7_TWING.hex 1.18MB

inav_3.0.0_KAKUTEF4.hex 1.27MB

inav_3.0.0_KAKUTEF4V2.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_KAKUTEF7.hex 1.34MB

inav_3.0.0_KAKUTEF7HDV.hex 1.33MB

inav_3.0.0_KAKUTEF7MINI.hex 1.34MB

inav_3.0.0_KAKUTEF7MINIV3.hex 1.18MB

inav_3.0.0_MAMBAF405.hex 1.31MB

inav_3.0.0_MAMBAF405US.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_MAMBAF405US_I2C.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_MAMBAF722.hex 1.18MB

inav_3.0.0_MAMBAF722_I2C.hex 1.18MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF405.hex 1.35MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF405CAN.hex 1.12MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF405OSD.hex 1.35MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF405SE.hex 1.32MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF405_SERVOS6.hex 1.35MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF411.hex 1.27MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF411SE.hex 1.27MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF411SE_FD_SFTSRL1.hex 1.25MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF411SE_PINIO.hex 1.25MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF411SE_SS2_CH6.hex 1.27MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF411_FD_SFTSRL.hex 1.25MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF411_RSSI.hex 1.25MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF411_SFTSRL2.hex 1.25MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF722.hex 1.19MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF722MINI.hex 1.19MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF722PX.hex 1.19MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF722SE.hex 1.20MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF722WPX.hex 1.19MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF722_HEXSERVO.hex 1.19MB

inav_3.0.0_MATEKF765.hex 1.37MB

inav_3.0.0_NOX.hex 1.25MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF4.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF4PRO.hex 1.31MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF4PRO_LEDSTRIPM5.hex 1.31MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF4V3.hex 1.31MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF4V3_S5S6_SS.hex 1.31MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF4V3_S5_S6_2SS.hex 1.31MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF4V3_S6_SS.hex 1.31MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF4V6.hex 1.30MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF7.hex 1.32MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF7NANOV7.hex 1.18MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF7NXT.hex 1.18MB

inav_3.0.0_OMNIBUSF7V2.hex 1.32MB

inav_3.0.0_PIXRACER.hex 1.07MB

inav_3.0.0_QUANTON.hex 1.04MB

inav_3.0.0_REVO.hex 1.10MB

inav_3.0.0_SPARKY2.hex 1.06MB

inav_3.0.0_SPEEDYBEEF4.hex 1.28MB

inav_3.0.0_SPEEDYBEEF7.hex 1.17MB

inav_3.0.0_SPRACINGF4EVO.hex 1.09MB

inav_3.0.0_SPRACINGF7DUAL.hex 1.19MB

inav_3.0.0_WINGFC.hex 1.25MB

inav_3.0.0_YUPIF7.hex 1.18MB

inav_3.0.0_ZEEZF7.hex 1.16MB

inav_3.0.0_ZEEZF7V2.hex 1.18MB

released time in 18 hours

fork kpcyrd/kupfer

kupfer, smart, quick launcher. `master' is kupfer's release branch.

fork in 20 hours


started time in 21 hours


started time in a day


started time in a day


started time in a day


started time in a day


started time in a day


started time in a day


started time in a day


started time in a day


started time in a day


started time in a day


started time in 2 days

fork dgoodlad/core

:house_with_garden: Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first

fork in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days

release neonmoe/minreq


released time in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days