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ibuildingsnl/owasp-aasvs 15

OWASP Annotated Application Verfication Standard

ibuildingsnl/owasp-asvs 3

Canonical source data for OWASP ASVS

wesselvanderlinden/ACL 0

Powerful and efficient access control library for your PHP application.

wesselvanderlinden/aoc2018 0

Advent of code

wesselvanderlinden/binarynator 0

Convert JSON data to binary and back

wesselvanderlinden/craftinginterpreters 0

Repository for the book "Crafting Interpreters"

wesselvanderlinden/ishetkutweerv2 0

Een snelle, overzichtelijke weergave van het weer op jouw locatie!

wesselvanderlinden/Lang.js 0

:performing_arts: Laravel Translator class in JavaScript!

fork wesselvanderlinden/oauth2-mock-server

A development and test oriented OAuth2 mock server

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Artur Górski

commit sha 38f4a5a8eed3e56b8d24b552d2057178f227ce2f

add undefined as valid senderId in sendCustomMessage method (#43729)

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Maxim Mazurok

commit sha c0d93a8214f98097aeb0d79d30ec2245d964e200

[gapi.client.sheets] automatic update (#43734) * automatic gapi.client.sheets update @ Wed, 08 Apr 2020 14:04:17 GMT * automatic gapi.client.sheets update @ Wed, 08 Apr 2020 17:14:04 GMT * automatic gapi.client.sheets update @ Wed, 08 Apr 2020 18:14:20 GMT * automatic gapi.client.sheets update @ Wed, 08 Apr 2020 19:15:40 GMT

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Hossein Hosni

commit sha 43022919d4a611a1cb2df1489dd5475242462f8b

Change FancytreeOptions.rtl type to boolean instead of false (#43725)

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Katie Soldau

commit sha 384e1dc562526e9e1c1801ddd5004e256039a295

Add missing types for react-calendar 3.0 (#43721)

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Victor Magalhães

commit sha f00facd841139a8aada72d5b27f0d47b8e62f378

[@types/react] Add missing charSet attr to the link tag type (#43730) * [@types/react] Add charSet attr for the link tag * Add my name to the contributors 🙈

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commit sha 5dbf929af412900aa8eebac92c00e004df5910d5

[mongoose] Added connection options related to auto encryption using CSFLE (#43723) * added new connection options related to the new feature csfle * added basic test case for auto-encryption in mongoose client connection

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Michael Gates

commit sha 07e5a5902abbde90a8be6a4da942713c2fff360e

[aes-js] Counter allows for either a number or a ByteSource (#43719) * Counter allows for either a number or a ByteSource * Add unit test

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commit sha f5a2f3836152a439c70bce387a32e8ebd6ceaaf6

Fix: client.sessions() now able to accept pool parameter, e.g. client.sessions({ name: "demodb", username: "admin", password: "admin", pool: { max: 10}). (#43720) Docs:

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Robert Wettstädt

commit sha 82b2c751f74789e4206f8422e5a5e06abfa155ee

[iv-viewer] Add iv viewer (#43728) * [iv-viewer] Add iv-viewer * [iv-viewer] Add missing class fields types * [iv-viewer] Add default options

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commit sha 413ad7aabf44eda23f0dfb607f088bbc270ebb08

VS Code 1.44.0 Extension API (#43745) * VS Code 1.44.0 Extension API * Update tslint Co-authored-by: VSCode <>

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Ethan Veres

commit sha 5fcd9e130060e2486ce323b548f1bb56e4853478

yup: add snake case to ObjectSchema (#43708) * yup: add snake case * remove auto formatting

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Vitor Jordão

commit sha ab7d2485757d495bcea48fa5652b86eb19c3b836

Fix callback return (#43703)

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commit sha 56201fdc2d6e9b211478b42feb22c78b4c4965ec

🤖 Merge PR #43691 react-bootstrap: add umd global export by @heroboy * react-bootstrap: add umd global export * Update index.d.ts

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Rohit Garg

commit sha 50037f1669a4947bae52bf97e87fa346d9770687

[react-table] Add role key in props & remove unused key (#43762) * Removing un-used key initialRowStateKey * Add `role` key as acceptable * name update

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commit sha 96e6b6886cbf3eccc01515f3a024cb214bb3d9e3

MobileMessagingCordova (#43763) * MobileMessagingCordova: add CustomEvents support * MobileMessagingCordova: fix lint * MobileMessagingCordova: change version * MobileMessaging: fix header Co-authored-by: Konstantin Latypov <>

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Matthew Morrissette

commit sha 36720ed4eb8ccb511df14881142eb7705f781645

Add "fhir-kit-client" missing functions (#43757)

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Piotr Błażejewicz (Peter Blazejewicz)

commit sha 056df1a738b098f0d214d7d13c80ff9024ad3688

fix(plotly.js): nested property attributes fix (#43747) This changes the shape of the PlotlyRelayoutEvent to use string based property access as per-discussion here: See: /cc @mmakrzem Thanks! Fixes: #43735

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Alex Jerabek

commit sha 874e5e47a04ae2f3da5f5c69648d7a20e9f867c9

[office-js, office-js-preview] Add note to Binding.onSelectionChanged about multi-cell selection (#43741) * Removing prompt verbage from selection binding options * Add note to Binding.onSelectionChanged about multi-cell selection * Fixing grammar * Fixing grammar

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commit sha 03713294edea69fda1c7f143c812ecfad30a9843

Updated index.d.ts for akumina-core project (#43690) Co-authored-by: Steve Grant <>

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JongChan Choi

commit sha 82f5b794c1086b1b75a394c32d8d0ca3d1565ac3

[react] Add tangentialPressure, twist to PointerEvent (#43589) - -

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