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Dmitri Voronianski voronianski @sumup Berlin, Germany *.js,*.lua,*.swift

acdlite/flummox 1698

Minimal, isomorphic Flux.

browserify/ 610

browserify as a service.

brentvatne/stargrave-0 391

preserving my stars for vanity. former home of react-native-modal

agrublev/angularLocalStorage 353

The simplest angular localStorage implementation you will ever use.

maxogden/browser-module-sandbox 54

browser editor for code that gets 'compiled' on the server with node and run on the client

voronianski/babel-transform-in-browser 46

Transform ES2015 in browser on the fly with Babel.js

sumup-oss/performance-observer 42

Generic interface for PerformanceObserver API.

voronianski/c0nfig 5

Require local configs as if they are in node_modules

voronianski/create-static 5

Create static html pages with esnext, scss and nunjucks easily.

voronianski/Angular-localStorage 2

The simplest localStorage implementation you will ever use.


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issue openedsumup-oss/performance-observer

Update CLS reported

Summarize the feature

Recently Google CLS doc was updated with adjustment in CLS tracking - We need to update our reported too.

Basic example

Taken from the doc above -

      // If the entry occurred less than 1 second after the previous entry and
      // less than 5 seconds after the first entry in the session, include the
      // entry in the current session. Otherwise, start a new session.
      if (sessionValue &&
          entry.startTime - lastSessionEntry.startTime < 1000 &&
          entry.startTime - firstSessionEntry.startTime < 5000) {
        sessionValue += entry.value;
      } else {
        sessionValue = entry.value;
        sessionEntries = [entry];


Allows more precise tracking.

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