Max Coplan vegerot Clarity Innovations, Fearless, Kessel Run Baltimore, Maryland Astrophysics and computer science graduate from Towson University          Software Engineer for Clarity, Fearless, and KR

Towson-Research/GAN-Balancing-Datasets 6

COSC 490 Towson University

vegerot/bin 2

Collection of my most used short projects I've developed

mstill3/gravity-simulator 1

UMBC Hackathon

vegerot/airport-bssid 1

Connect to a specific wifi network, based off BSSID (mac address of Access Point)

vegerot/COSC336 1

Homework and project from COSC336 Data Structures and Algorithms at Towson University

vegerot/accesscontrol 0

Role and Attribute based Access Control for Node.js

vegerot/AdventOfCode 0

Advent Of Code 2019 Don't know if I'm gonna stick with it, but hopefully I'll do the first few days

vegerot/artillery 0

Artillery is a modern load and functional testing toolkit. Ship scalable and resilient backends & APIs.

vegerot/Athena-project 0

makepkg like build-files for cross-building iOS packages

vegerot/AutoDarkMode 0

Script to automatically change your macOS Mojave color theme to and from Dark during nighttime and daytime


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created repositoryThePrimeagen/manage-a-file

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created repositoryquick-lint/sftp-upload

GitHub Action to upload files to an SFTP server

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created repositoryjakearchibald/easing-worklet

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fork strager/quick-lint-js

quick-lint-js finds bugs in JavaScript programs

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created repositorytsoding/raylib-probe

Just a small program to check out raylib.

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created repositorytsoding/heisenbot

Just a small simple bot to try out Crystal Programming Language

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fork slicer69/rtl8188eus

Wifi driver support for rtl8188eu, rtl8188eus and rtl8188etv chips and working under the new linux kernel (5.1.x).

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fork mstill3/react-1

A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

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created repositorytsoding/print_f64

print_f64 implementation purely in assembly without using any 3rd party dependencies including libc, libm, etc.

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created repositoryThePrimeagen/fem-vim

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fork jakearchibald/content

The content behind MDN Web Docs

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created repositoryThePrimeagen/beats

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created repositorytsoding/ada-probe

Just a small fun project to experiment with Ada

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created repositorytsoding/bezier

Just a fun little project to learn how to render Bézier Curves.

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