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Varsha varshaprasad96 Red Hat San Francisco

varshaprasad96/github-metrics 1

Utilize GraphQL API to get the reachability metrics about Operator-SDK

varshaprasad96/api 0

Contains the API definitions used by OLM and Marketplace

varshaprasad96/api-openshift 0

Canonical location of the OpenShift API definition.

varshaprasad96/buildkit 0

concurrent, cache-efficient, and Dockerfile-agnostic builder toolkit

varshaprasad96/cert-manager 0

Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates in Kubernetes

varshaprasad96/cluster-node-tuning-operator 0

Manage node-level tuning by orchestrating the tuned daemon.

release operator-framework/operator-sdk


released time in 2 months

fork iamnst19/Tech-Interview-Cheat-Sheet

Studying for a tech interview sucks. Here's an open source cheat sheet to help

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