vangberg/isaac 166

A smallish DSL for writing IRC bots.

vangberg/librevox 66

ruby library for interacting with freeswitch

vangberg/chowder 44

rack middleware providing session based authentication

vangberg/gaze 39

Serve up your Markdown files with this tiny Sinatra app!

vangberg/couchchanges 21

ruby consumer for couchdb's _changes feed

vangberg/hashidator 21

define schema as a hash, and validate hashes!

vangberg/iodis 21

a redis client library for io

vangberg/em-elasticsearch 19

elasticsearch library for eventmachine

sr/integrity-irc 8

IRC notifier for the Integrity continuous integration server


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PR opened dbrattli/Feliz.ViewEngine

Fix names for a number of properties

For some properties a sort of PascalCase was emitted. I ran the regexp mkStyle "[a-z]+[A-Z] and this should be all the missing cases.

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create barnchvangberg/Feliz.ViewEngine

branch : fix-case-for-flex-styles

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fork vangberg/Feliz.ViewEngine

Feliz DSL and engine for HTML generation and server side rendering (SSR)

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