useidel/kgraft-tools 5

scripts and files to ease the usage of kgraft

useidel/kpatch 1

kpatch - dynamic kernel patching

useidel/androidthings-weatherstation 0

Codelab and solution for the Android Things Weatherstation

useidel/check_gwupshat 0

Very simple Nagios/Icinga plugin to check the battery and voltage status of Geekworm UPS Hat

useidel/check_rpi 0

Nagios plugin to check the temperatue of the RPi

useidel/check_upis 0

Very simple Nagios plugin to check the status of UPiS (an USV for the Raspberry Pi)

useidel/custom-initramfs 0

Script that uses static busybox to create an initramfs

useidel/knock 0

Bits and pieces for TCP Stealth

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Udo Seidel

commit sha 2b01f9d551ba8e220058d2e923f1be481ff160b9

Update corrected link

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PR opened Icinga/L10n

adding selinux files to generate policy files

Have added the files which are needed to generate the selinux policies. I did not find them somewhere else but stumpled over the need for them when generating RPM packages using the project provided SPEC file

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Udo Seidel

commit sha 2f93d71a53a26c5940c4601829de465229754eb9

adding selinux files to generate policy files

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fork useidel/L10n

The central location of all translations available for Icinga.

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