toneymar/FeedMe 1

Android recipe app

toneymar/GemSwapGame 1

A basic game made with C++ and OpenGL

toneymar/MartysWeatherApp 1

A simple weather app using the OpenWeatherMap API in Android

toneymar/MineSweeperAndroid 1

A fun little minesweeper game made for android using the kotlin language.

toneymar/ShoppingList 1

A simple shopping list app using the room database in Android


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created repositoryAlexProgrammerDE/PistonChunkLimiter

Limits amount of blocks like shulkers and chests in a chunk.

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created repositoryAlexProgrammerDE/PistonAntiLag

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fork AlexProgrammerDE/ExploitsX

ExploitsX is a top-of-the-line constantly updated exploit fixer focused on patching bugs, lag glitches, and crash glitches for minecraft servers. It supports versions 1.8 through 1.17.

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created repositoryAlexProgrammerDE/projects

Github pages project listing website!

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created repositoryAlexProgrammerDE/PistonRestart

A 2b2t like server restarting plugin.

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created repositoryAlexProgrammerDE/PistonMute

Mute addon for PistonChat.

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created repositoryAlexProgrammerDE/MinecraftBanner

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created repositoryAlexProgrammerDE/ShadowOffline

Makes the proxy being showed as offline if the main is offline.

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created repositoryAlexProgrammerDE/PistonUtils

Plugin utils. Adds things like an pro update parser and console colors!

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created repositoryAlexProgrammerDE/PistonChat

All you will ever need for your chat!

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created repositoryAlexProgrammerDE/SaveTool

Prevent data loss by PistonBot crashing.

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fork AlexProgrammerDE/ALH-Bot

An index bot made by the Anarchy Links Hub, for Minecraft Java Anarchy players to remotely find discord servers.

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