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Tomás Lin tomaslin Netflix San Jose, CA

davetownsend/generator-spring 66

A yeoman generator for Spring Boot & Spring Cloud applications

google/citest 57

Library and tools that facilitate writing integration-tests for cloud services

grails/grails-howtos 50

The source and build for a set of Grails HOWTO documents

tomaslin/dropwizard-gradle-groovy 15

Minimal example of getting Dropwizard going with Gradle (instead of Maven).

pledbrook/grails-doc 14

Documentation Project For The Grails Web Application Framework

tomaslin/Cooliris-CMS-for-AppEngine 4

A Simple CMS for Cooliris to run on the Google App Engine ( built with Grails )

tomaslin/flextodo 3

Sample todo application with Grails, Flex and the Google App Engine

tomaslin/angular-seo-heroku 2

Deploys angular-seo into heroku

tomaslin/appfog-test 1

appfog test

tomaslin/caelyf 1

Caelyf, a lightweight Groovy toolkit for Cloud Foundry

release spring-projects/spring-boot


released time in 8 days

release spring-projects/spring-boot


released time in 8 days

release spring-projects/spring-boot


released time in 8 days

fork haroon3rd/yml-validation-example

An example of validating YAML with JSON Schema using Groovy and Java

fork in 2 months