Tekkub tekkub Denver, CO Just a lazy tanuki that likes to tinker

tekkub/wow-ui-source 283

git mirror of the user interface source code for World of Warcraft

tekkub/libdatabroker-1-1 47

WoW Library - A central registry for addons looking for something to display their data

tekkub/wow-globalstrings 23

GlobalStrings.lua files from each locale

tekkub/cut-line 17

Atom package - cut the current line when no text is selected

tekkub/dotjs-scripts 10

My dotjs scripts

tekkub/fugit 10

A cross-platform replacement for git-gui based on wxruby

tekkub/newtab 5

My personal newtab extension for chrome

tekkub/tekkonfig 5

Misc GUI widget factories for World of Warcraft addons

tekkub/github_catcher 3

Simple Ruby on Rails app to catch github's webhooks and perform various tasks

tekkub/failpanda 2

Nothing to see here!


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fork tekkub/cs193p_iOS11

Stanford University (cs193p): Developing iOS 11 Apps with Swift 4

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issue commentTekNoLogic/StealYourCarbon

LUA error when trying to increase stack size in Classic

I've been pretty radio-silent across the board lately, sorry about that. Unfortunately, I don't have the time these days to play WoW (or rather, maintain my addons and idle in Ironforge making gold on the AH ^^). Humanspace sucks sometimes.

Anyone is welcome to fork my public repos here in this org (TekNoLogic) and submit pull requests. If anyone is interested in taking on a maintainer role for any of them, I welcome the help. I wrote these addons for myself, but I shared them on WoWI, Ace (now curse), and here so that everyone else playing WoW could enjoy the game more and fight the UI less. I still believe that 🐼🐾


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