techyrajeev/flutter-redux-starter 2

Flutter Starter with Redux

techyrajeev/Flight-Search-Engine 1

A reactjs based project along with redux

AjayprakashD/TestWeb 0

Learning Git and Web Dev

kranand51/Olympic2016 0

RIO Olympic 2016

matrixbegins/rokso-migrations 0

A NOT simple database migrations utility for MySQL using python

techyrajeev/api-cheat-sheet 0

API Design Guidelines and Best Practices Cheat Sheet

techyrajeev/awesome-scalability 0

Scalable, Available, Stable, Performant, and Intelligent System Design Patterns

techyrajeev/BillingService 0

A modular code to implement Cart Billing and Receipt Generation

techyrajeev/bitstarter 0

A bitstarter proj

issue openedwellyshen/use-places-autocomplete

Default location based on user's current location

Feature Request

Describe the Feature

A default location shown on the autocomplete input as soon as ui rendered.

Describe the Solution You'd Like

If user's location is shared via browser geolocation api use that lat lang to display default location, user can change that obviously if needed.

created time in 3 months