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tarpers/embedded-issue 1

Issue when querying a domain object that has property names the same as an embedded domain object.

tarpers/embedded-property-issue 0

A project to highlight an issue with dynamic finders and domain objects with an embedded object that both contain fields with the same name.

tarpers/es-kanban-board 0

Multi-user Kanban board built using Eventuate, DDD, microservices, event sourcing, CQRS, and Spring Boot

tarpers/eventuate-examples-java-customers-and-orders 0

Java version of the Customers and Orders event sourcing example from my presentations

tarpers/eventuate-examples-java-spring-todo-list 0

A Java and Spring Boot Todo list application built using Eventuate

tarpers/grails-core 0

The Grails Web Application Framework

tarpers/grails-doc 0

Documentation Project For The Grails Web Application Framework

tarpers/grails-fields 0

a spiritual successor to the bean-fields plugin

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Looks like I no longer have merge rights... @Panajev could you merge this?


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Update unlink


Thanks a lot for Moonshine - what a marvelous work!

However, nowadays, the distiller will not work any longer as Node.js now strictly requires a callback as the second argument of "fs.unlink" - or (what might be safer) requires using "fs.unlinkSync" instead.

This is why I (among other minor changes) simply changed the broken calls in your code - now, I am able to distill Lua scripts again.

Perhaps, they may be of some use for you.

With greetings from Germany,

Andreas Rozek

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