stsourlidakis/teiste-exams 3

A website for the Technical University of Central Greece(Computer Science department) that allows students to share previous exam questions

stsourlidakis/node-dependency-visualization 2

Visualize your projects npm dependencies as a graph

stsourlidakis/selector-scrapper 2

Monitor a specific element on a webpage

DecisionSystemsGroup/crowdhackathon-insurance 0

The repo of DaaM, the platform that won the Crowdhackathon #insurance event

DecisionSystemsGroup/workshop-html 0

A small bio website for the 1st DSG workshop

stsourlidakis/airlytiqs 0

Plug-and-play device installed in public vehicles for high spatial resolution environmental mapping

stsourlidakis/all-dependencies 0

Recursively retrieve all dependencies for a Node.js project

stsourlidakis/batch-action 0

Batch items and execute an action when a batch reaches the specified size

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fix: package.json & package-lock.json to reduce vulnerabilities The following vulnerabilities are fixed with an upgrade: - -

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sort semesters in homepage

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