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Homer Strong strongh AWS Seattle, WA

strongh/crache 31

Redis-backed caching and memoization for clojure, following core.cache and core.memoize

strongh/clojure-hbase 4

A simple library for accessing HBase conveniently from Clojure.

sorenmacbeth/query-extractor 3

A small library for extracting query strings from search engine referrers

strongh/clj-kafka 2

Wrapper to the Java API for interacting with Kafka

strongh/clj-redis 2

Clojure Redis client library

strongh/DIRECT-STEM-climate-workshop 2

Materials for the DIRECT-STEM climate workshop at UCI

strongh/aleph 1

asynchronous communication for clojure

strongh/chisel 1

Clojure wrapper for LDA topic modeling in MALLET