streetlogics/php-google-map-api 15

Automatically exported from

streetlogics/bombsquad_server 5

Code for BombSquad Server game

streetlogics/cucumber-ruby 1

Simple, human collaboration

streetlogics/gekko 1

A bitcoin trading bot written in node

streetlogics/hubot-gekko 1

hubot gekko plugin

marmont/rollout_ui 0

RolloutUI: A slick way to rollout features in your web app.

marmont/stream-rails 0

Rails Client - Build Activity Feeds & Streams with

Marvelxy/portfolio-site 0

This is a portfolio of my work done so far

streetlogics/aes 0

AES.encrypt and AES.decrypt for Ruby

streetlogics/alphabetize 0

Ruby gem to soothe your OCDs by alphabetizing your Gemfile

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Brad Wedell

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Update mongoid_token.rb

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A little random, unique token generator for Mongoid documents.

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