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Sergey Ponomarev stokito Krivoy Rog, Ukraine An experienced Java / Web developer with a focus on code quality, security and performance

artyushov/idea-jmh-plugin 316

Plugin for Itellij IDEA to make benchmarking with JMH easier.

ponomandr/jmeter-idea-plugin 23

Open JMeter files with JMeter in Intellij IDEA

stokito/FreeTTSLog4JAppender 9

Talking log appender to keep your eyes :)

stokito/deflate 2

deflate is low level gzip utility based on zlib to create a deflate streams i.e. gzip without checksum

stokito/delphi-goodnes 1

Old time Delphi units with some useful functions

stokito/eng 1

Composer of English sentences

maxifelix/langSelector 0

grails-lang-selector plugin

fork Ry0taK/test-1

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fork Ry0taK/runner

The Runner for GitHub Actions :rocket:

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fork donbeave/opentelemetry-java-instrumentation

OpenTelemetry auto-instrumentation and instrumentation libraries for Java

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fork Gargron/toot-relay

Relay that forwards web push notifications to APNs, built for Toot!.app but usable for anyone.

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fork lhotari/shell

Pop!_OS Shell

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issue openedbcicen/ctop

Tag naming

FYI: @bcicen please be consistent with version tag on github, I use that for my repo pipeline for my public repo. New is 0.7.6 image Old was v0.7.5 image

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fork mraleph/gallery

Flutter Gallery is a resource to help developers evaluate and use Flutter

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issue commentbcicen/ctop

Feature request - ports in multiview?

That would be ideal, but it sounded harder than just hardcoding a port column in there. If there was some way to persoanlize or configure ctop to show columns you want to see, including anything that comes from docker container ls, that would make for an amazing feature. I know personally when I have at least a few containers running, and I want to run another app, its helpful to get an overview of all the ports already in use.


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fork jkschneider/commons-io

Mirror of Apache Commons IO

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release redhat-developer/service-binding-operator


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release real-logic/artio


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issue openedbcicen/ctop

Feature request - ports in multiview?

Thanks for this tool, I've been using it a long time and I love it.

Not sure if others would find this useful, but I feel like it would be useful to have a PORTS column in the multiview. While you can see the ports when going to single view, I feel like it would be great to see all the different apps you have running on various ports all at once. I'm not sure if that's easy to implement or if others feel like its worth the time, but I'd love to have that!

Thanks again.

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fork shipilev/jdk11u-dev

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