stblassitude/Adafruit_SSD1306_Wemos_OLED 16

SSD1306 oled driver library for the Wemos Mini OLED shield (64x48)

stblassitude/boot_root_nfs 7

A quick and dirty utilty to obtain the necessary parameters to boot a Bhyve instance disklessly.

bildschirmtext/asterisk-modem-box 4

A Vagrant box with Asterisk and a soft modem to connect old terminals to the BTX mainframe

stblassitude/docker-casperjs 2

CasperJS ready to run from the command line

stblassitude/freetz-vagrant 2

a Vagrant development environment for freetz

c3lingo/mumble-web 1

Mumble web client as used by c3lingo team

stblassitude/dokuwiki-divoc 1

Modifications to the default dokuwiki template

stblassitude/gitea-port 1

FreeBSD port for

stblassitude/javaproxycheck 1

Simple Java command line client to debug the Java HTTP proxy settings in effect.

c3lingo/c3lingo-mumblestats 0

Collect and display stats for a Mumble server


started time in 10 hours

fork szEvEz/ansible-collection-hardening

This Ansible collection provides battle tested hardening for Linux, SSH, nginx, MySQL

fork in 11 hours


started time in 4 days


started time in 5 days

fork AndyGaskell/joomla-cms

Home of the Joomla! Content Management System

fork in 5 days

fork rndmh3ro/

Informative site with EoL dates of everything

fork in 5 days


started time in 6 days


started time in 7 days

fork rndmh3ro/ansible-ssh-hardening

This Ansible role provides numerous security-related ssh configurations, providing all-round base protection.

fork in 8 days

created repositoryYunoHost-Apps/invoiceninja5_ynh

created time in 9 days


started time in 11 days


started time in 11 days

fork cnlohr/gpuvis

GPU Trace Visualizer

fork in 16 days


started time in 18 days

created repositorycnlohr/rawdrawwasm

My stab at rawdraw on wasm.

created time in 19 days

fork rndmh3ro/ansible-stunnel

Ansible role which helps to install and configure Stunnel.

fork in 20 days


started time in 20 days

fork rndmh3ro/ansible-role-srv_haproxy

An Ansible Role to install and configure haproxy.

fork in 20 days


started time in 20 days

fork pgrigoro/javaproxycheck

Simple Java command line client to debug the Java HTTP proxy settings in effect.

fork in 22 days


started time in 22 days


fork rndmh3ro/ansible-role-tomcat

Most complete Tomcat installation, supporting, init.d script, application naming, hugepages, hardening, beautiful error pages, sha512 hashed passwords, JMX configuration, multiple Tomcat versions, separated catalina_home and catalina_base.

fork in 22 days

created repositorycnlohr/esp32s2-apll-test

created time in 23 days

created repositorycnlohr/test-esp32-apll-test

Testing the max speed for anoutput of the APLL on the ESP32

created time in 23 days

created repositorycnlohr/in99

Gain a superficial of topics in 99 seconds.

created time in 25 days

created repositoryszEvEz/gitlab-runner-hetzner

created time in a month