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Sean Stavropoulos stavro @Boulevard Los Angeles, CA Cofounder & CTO of @Boulevard

stavro/arc 1112

:paperclip: Flexible file upload and attachment library for Elixir

stavro/arc_ecto 246

An integration with Arc and Ecto.

stavro/remodel 135

:necktie: An Elixir presenter package used to transform map structures. "ActiveModel::Serializer for Elixir"

stavro/snakes 21

:snake: Multiplayer "Snake" game using Ruby, MongoDB, WebSockets, and HTML canvas.

stavro/ecto_hstore 13

:no_entry_sign: (Deprecated) Ecto HStore compatibility

stavro/hello_master 10

Hello World implementation for Elixir Slave nodes

stavro/drakon-node-chat 9

A TCP chat server written in DRAKON-JavaScript

stavro/cayley-cookbook 4

Chef cookbook for the Cayley Graph Database.

stavro/titan-cookbook 3

TitanDB Graph Database Cookbook

Boulevard/promotion-demo 0

Example project using the Boulevard Client API