aelatgt/ieeevr-hubs 5

IEEEVR 2020 Hubs Client

speigg/iPTAM 3

PTAM for the iPhone

speigg/impress.js 2

It's a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers and inspired by the idea behind

speigg/depthjs 1

DepthJS allows any web page to interact with the Microsoft Kinect using Javascript.

speigg/magi 1

WebGL scene graph hack

aelatgt/hubs 0

Duck-themed multi-user virtual spaces in WebVR. Built with A-Frame.

blairmacintyre/gvu-brownbag-argon-2017 0

slides for GVU Brownbag, March 2017

hafezcristo/jslogger 0

a simple (<100 loc) logger for javascript

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Gheric Speiginer

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Update Pride-XR Example WIP

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issue closedaelatgt/three-web-layer

Npm package import errors

After installing the latest three-web-layer and ethereal, I'm getting the following error when importing WebLayer3D:

Can't import the named export 'Box3' from non EcmaScript module (only default export is available)

Some other notes:

  • The README says to import WebLayer3D from 'three-web-layer' but there is no default export, it should be import { WebLayer3D } from 'three-web-layer'
  • The README doesn't mention the required ethereal dependency (not sure what this is tbh)

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issue commentaelatgt/three-web-layer

Npm package import errors

Thanks for the notes. I've actually integrated this code into another framework I have been working on (ethereal), which includes a few fixes and performance improvements that aren't in this repository, so this repo is effectively deprecated. Let's talk tomorrow; I'll message you on Teams.


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Gheric Speiginer

commit sha c201393970c3a58566fcec2c81776f21298a5c9a

Fix example url

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Gheric Speiginer

commit sha abd2c87d675f854fce7907ef1ec0fbdbb763dc02

2.0 WIP - Huge performance improvement with custom MemoizationCache implementation - Integrating example projects into monorepo for simpler dependency management

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issue commentparcel-bundler/parcel

Browserslist is ignored in Parcel v2 + TypeScript

Should this be a documentation bug then? I didn't find this information anywhere else.


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