Jose Luis Ledesma sp-joseluis-ledesma

sp-joseluis-ledesma/cobra 0

A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions

sp-joseluis-ledesma/devops 0

for the devops demo

sp-joseluis-ledesma/Docker-Nagios 0

Docker image for Nagios

sp-joseluis-ledesma/elasticsearch_exporter 0

Elasticsearch stats exporter for Prometheus

sp-joseluis-ledesma/etcd-backup 0

tool for creating etcd backups and uploading them to AWS S3

sp-joseluis-ledesma/external-storage 0

External storage plugins, provisioners, and helper libraries

sp-joseluis-ledesma/kiam 0

Integrate AWS IAM with Kubernetes

sp-joseluis-ledesma/kops 0

Kubernetes Operations (kops) - Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management