Ivan Babak sompylasar San Francisco, CA Software architect, frontend engineer. Designing, building, maintaining, refactoring complex web apps, components, APIs, and tools. Specializing in React, Node.

sompylasar/code-insights 6

A toolbox of CLI tools that analyze web application or Node.js source code and show some stats useful for code health maintenance and refactoring.

sompylasar/atom-cursor-indent 3

Atom editor package that makes the cursor follow the desired (auto) indentation on empty lines.

sompylasar/bootstrap-datepicker-select 2

A @twitter bootstrap component for selecting a date from three dropdowns: year, month, day.

dkorolev/curlable 1

A simple wrapper to turn [stateless] command-line utilities into HTTP endpoints.

sompylasar/bootstrap-combobox 1

A combobox plugin that works with twitter bootstrap

sompylasar/Categorizr 1

A modern device detection script

sompylasar/crashkit-api 1

CrashKit API docs and implementations for popular languages

sompylasar/30-seconds-of-code 0

Curated collection of useful Javascript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.

sompylasar/abyssa-js 0

Stateful, hierarchical router for single page applications


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issue openedexcalidraw/excalidraw

Move via keyboard (arrow keys with and without shift) does not maintain arrow to shape attachment

Expected: Once I attached an arrow to a shape, it will remain attached until I detach it (by dragging the arrow begin/end). Actual: When dragging the shape with a pointer, the arrows remain attached; when moving the shape with keyboard, they don't.

See screen recording: excalidraw-attached-arrows-shift-move

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issue openedexcalidraw/excalidraw

Save local shape library as a file to backup or share with someone to load into their localStorage?

For sharing the local shape library with someone else, before introducing any cloud storage/accounts, it might be useful to save it into a file to share the file with someone, similar to drawing files.

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