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Kevin Smyth smythey21 New York, NY

wework/speccy 719

Well Spectually 🤓 Enforce quality rules on your OpenAPI 3.0.x specifications.

smythey21/google-geocoding-api-elixir 9

An elixir wrapper for Google's geocoding API

smythey21/angular-shapeshift 1

A simple AngularJS directive for ShapeShift.js

smythey21/TicTacToe 1

Simple tic tac toe game with unbeatable AI using minimax algorithm

nategraves/ember-cli-flash 0

Simple, highly configurable flash messages for ember-cli

smythey21/built-with-ember 0

Ambitious web applications built using ember.js.

smythey21/ember-cli-intl-tel-input 0

An Ember.js wrapper for intl-tel-input library by Jack O'Connor ( The plugin is based on ember-intl-tel-input by Justin Lau( The plugin was created as the original plugin is no longer actively upgraded and mainted for new versions of Ember.js and jquery.

smythey21/gofpdf 0

A PDF document generator with high level support for text, drawing and images

smythey21/guardian 0

Elixir Authentication

smythey21/happn 0

Python module for interacting with the Happn's REST API