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Michael Lippold smartacus Smartacus Inc. Portland, OR

smartacus/ds-web 6

DeployStudio Web Interface

smartacus/active_shipping 1

Shipping API extension for Active Merchant.

smartacus/rfm 1

FileMaker to Ruby adapter.

smartacus/civievent-widget 0

CiviEvent widget for WordPress, listing public CiviCRM events

smartacus/creek 0

A Ruby library for parsing large Excel files.

smartacus/fedex 0

Ruby library to interact with FedEx Rate Web Service

smartacus/geocoder 0

Modular Street Address Geocoder

smartacus/github-graphql-rails-example 0

Example Rails app using GitHub's GraphQL API


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created repositorydpritchett/aws-budget-limiter

Simple Terraform script for capping monthly AWS spend

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created repositoryradar/react-select-debounce

Created with CodeSandbox

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created repositoryradar/react-select-debounce

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fork radar/dry-files

File utilities

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created repositoryradar/ajax-react

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created repositorydrbrain/vimrc

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