Steven Syrek sjsyrek @HelloFresh Berlin, Germany High functioning, mostly functional programmer.

sjsyrek/haskell-study-startup 270

Launch your own Haskell study group. Now.

sjsyrek/berlin-functional-programming-group 43

Code and other projects for the Berlin Functional Programming Group.

justinwoo/awesome-rowlist 36

An attempt to catalog RowList/RowToList/row type content and memes

sjsyrek/deckset-tutorial 31

How to use Markdown to make beautiful presentations with Deckset

sjsyrek/dinner-for-devs 27

Simple recipes for lazy programmers.

sjsyrek/instagram-api-for-google-sheets 16

A Google Sheets Add-on for using the Instagram API.

sjsyrek/cfp-workshop 4

Get advice for responding to Calls For Proposals (CFP) from Conferences on Functional Programming (CFP). Get it?

sjsyrek/dissertation 4

This is my Ph.D. dissertation. Hello world.

sjsyrek/folktale-playground 4

An exploration of the Folktale library.

sjsyrek/aikido-kokikai-berlin 1

The official website for Aikido Kokikai Berlin


started time in 2 months


started time in 3 months