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shingara/ar-backup 5

Active Record backup is a Rails plugin which lets you backup your database schema and content in a schema.rb file and fixtures.

shingara/book_mdar 4

Life On The Edge With Merb, DataMapper & RSpec

shingara/base_app_mongoid 3

My own base_app to start project with Mongoid/devise/omniauth/cancan/steak

shingara/cap-project 3

An little example of rails application for CapGemini presentation

shingara/blather 2

XMPP/Jabber Library and DSL for Ruby written on EventMachine and Nokogiri.

shingara/autotest-fsevent 1

Use FSEvent (Mac OS X 10.5 or higher) instead of filesystem polling.

shingara/bob 1

Bob the Builder will build your codes

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Cyril Mougel

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avoid force 0.10 of faraday_middleware

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delete branch teezily/woocommerce-dockerfile

delete branch : feat/compose-v3

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Docker compose v3 with network and volume setup

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commit sha c8d881f4ad8af5c934c0a310a5d5da3f22c20b20

Update WP to 5.2.2 and WC to 3.6.5

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commit sha 0e0b2397ad42ddeb1cd609ae58e67899bc940456

Don't need always restart in dev

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Cyril Mougel

commit sha 94ae034b5cef2cf2b188fb0aef104362175eccac

Merge pull request #3 from teezily/feat/compose-v3 Docker compose v3 and Woocommerce Update

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Docker compose v3 and Woocommerce Update

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