Shawn Smith shawnps @fastly Tokyo, Japan Co-author and maintainer of Go Report Card. Golang user/contributor for 8+ years.

client9/ipcat 473

Categorization of IP Addresses

gojp/nihongo 66

Japanese Dictionary

client9/reopen 22

freopen functionality for golang's io.Writers

client9/gosupplychain 16

Tools to help golang projects audit dependencies, check licenses, and create bill-of-materials

philips/tapkick 11

kegerator monitoring system (disclaimer: written while testing the system)

jaker/cutecode 6

Small code posting site

Kami/ 3

REST interface for Libcloud

shawnps/budget 3

super simple budget tool

ausocean/h264decode 2

Simplistic H264 decoder

shawnps/boto 1

Python interface to Amazon Web Services


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pull request commentgojp/goreportcard

Use GolangCI-Lint

Hello everyone, I think I've put off responding to this for long enough 😄

I (and I think I can speak for @hermanschaaf as well but he can comment if he wants) am not a user of golangci-lint nor do I see the benefit of migrating the codebase to use it.

At the end of the day either @hermanschaaf or I have to deploy This may seem like a trivial change, but I have learned over years of maintaining GRC that even a small change can create hours of work if something fails. We don't have the benefit of a staging environment as that would cost money. We are lucky to have the cost of our one server covered by the kind folks at DigitalOcean.

I understand gometalinter is no longer maintained, but I'm not seeing the urgency to merge this. If anything I would prefer to have each linter run individually. However there are bigger priorities in my mind, such as downloading packages via a module index rather than using version control. It's unclear when we'll even have time to work on that.

I apologize for the delay in responding but I want to set expectations that it's unlikely we'll be migrating to golangci-lint anytime soon.


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issue commentgojp/goreportcard

golint used by the hosted goreportcard needs to be updated

@krader1961 I've updated golint on our server, please try again and let me know how it goes.


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issue commentgojp/goreportcard

gofmt does not recognize numeric literals introduced by Go 1.13

@krader1961 We've upgraded to the latest Go version on the server.

Removing gometalinter is a much bigger endeavor that unfortunately we will just have to get to when we can, which is probably not in the immediate future.


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