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Martin Schurig schurig @stuartApp Barcelona

schurig/elixir-remote-monitor 67

⎋ A Mix task that helps you to observe your remote elixir nodes from your local machine.

schurig/CLI-upload-script 6

☁️ A Command Line Interface (CLI) to upload with useful options: short-urls, copy link to clipboard, give random names, zip. It basically works like Droplr, CloudApp and Dropshare but for the CLI.

schurig/ex_acme 4

A Elixir client for the letsencrypt's ACME protocol.

schurig/hacking-life 3

⽣ Stepping through life with life hacks.

leehambley/mitre 2

A cross-platform multi-purpose migrations tool for structure and data. THIS IS VERY WORK IN PROGRESS, NOT USABLE CURRENTLY.

schurig/door-alarm 2

🚪 door-alarm script for the raspberry pi

sbrink/ecto_context 1

[WIP] Non-magic context generation for ecto

schurig/alpine-elixir 0

A Dockerfile based on my alpine-erlang image for Elixir applications

schurig/ 0

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